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Are you looking for signage ? You can see different signages, posters, logo signs,banners or digital sinage everyday everywhere. Singage is widely used in every detailed fileds of our life. It not only just a simple name of a shop, store, office or restaurant but also stands for the definition of the interior business & brand culture. Whether you are running a juice bar , club , cafe or you just opening a retail merchandising unit for your mall kiosks, you will need a fine signage.

Unique Kiosk are just the right signage company that can help you build a high quality signs. From Business signage to office signage , From Back lit sign, shop fronts to Advertising Player & TV. We offer unique signs together with ads display for where every you need. We can custom design and build Retail signage & store signage for your shops to help illustrate your business. Besides indoor posters , light boxes, custom signs, banners, we also supply unique design shopfront, Outdoor signs. You just need to tell us your idea, we will help you build a outstanding Signs.

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Nowadays , Signs can made from many different materials, you can easy find custom plastic signs ,acrylic signs or aluminium logo signs. For some higher level brand, you will see stainless steel logos, CNC stone cutout logo signs. Or even 3d digital signage.  if you are looking for a custom signage company. Unique will be the right one that offer you the right products for you.

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Custom Acrylic Sign

Acrylic has similar transparent characters as glass. But it a compete different thing. Use acrylic you can crates many beautiful logos signs. In fact, There are mainly ways to make a colorful acrylic logo signage With hard rigid opaque material. Basically, One way is choose the favorite color acrylic panels, but this will limited to choice of the panel manufacturer. Another way is to UV print on a clear opaque acrylic. By this method ,you can achieve any color any picture you want. Due to the manufacturing procedure are more easier, Acrylic logo sign has another advantage is the low price . If you limit to budget but want to build a fantastic signage for your business. Acrylic logo sign will be a good option.

Acrylic signs also used in many cutout logo on mall kiosk, display cabinets or walls stands to create a unique back lit effect. It also have a 3D effect with unique features.

Banners & Stand

Unique Supply cheap banners and signs for adverting your business. No matter you are looking for stickers , vinyl banners or free standing advertising stands. You will find the right work here. We custom design , print and manufacture all types banners for shops, store and business center.

Do you need cool banners to expand your brand ? We have pop up banners , flag banners and exhibition fast banner stands for you.

Backlit Sign

A signage with light will be more attractive than standard classic logo. Therefore, more and more vendors will choose to using backlit signs . From a big shop name to small product instruction name , Backlit sign are widely used in every part of business.  LED back lit signage is becoming the most important ways for LOGO display.

Unique custom design and build backlit logo sign for your retail business advertisement . Whether you need stainless steel backlit logo, metal led sign, neon logo or acrylic backlit sign,  we can custom it for your according to your specifications.  We have large range of options for you to choose with short delivery time.

Posters & Light Box

If you want to display your products in a more outstanding way, Light box is the ideal method to go. Posters & Light box is another ways to do a proper adverting in a retail business. Most of the poster and light box are build for commercial usage. Especially In mall kiosk , retail store or business shopping center ,you can find many big size product posters & light boxes showing around. Basically ,There are three major types of light box in the market.

Aluminium Frame light box: This is the cheapest light box to go , with standard aluminium frame around , posters are fixed in-between one milk acrylic and clear acrylic. You can easy change the poster picture in 2 minutes to satisfy your display requirement.

Acrylic light box:  This types of light box has another name of crystal light box. To see it from the name, the whole structure is made of two layer opaque acrylic panels, with 4 nice and tidy advertising screw to hold the light box,  led lights are fixed in back part. This acrylic light box only suit for smaller size display ,desk display , countertop display or some menu light box.

Fabric light box: The most elegant way to display a poster by using fabric light box. It’s has another name is called frameless light box as the visible frame is very thin only 2mm.  So , this types of  light box are widely used in many occations.

Shop Front

Unique Also custom design and build shop front for retail business. No matter you are opening a barber salon or jewelry retail store , you will need a unique shop front with attractive shope name displayed.

We only high quality outdoor sign letter for different shop front. Whether you used shopping mall inline store or outdoor street shops, Those outdoor backlit sign letter will make your shop front nice & elegant , Because a beautiful shop front is the first method to drive the potential customer into your store.

Custom Aluminum Signs

If you are looking for Custom Aluminum Signs or custom metal signs , Unique also have a large range of good quality one for you . From way finding signs , office signs, caution signs, to menus, instricions, door plates, we have any custom sign you need.

Advertising Player & TV

With the rapid technology developing, many new display method come on stage. Advertising Player & advertising TV is the protagonist, With a simple USB memory or SD card you can display any video or pictures all day long.

Unique supply many new model digital signage and advertising player at affordable cost.  22”,24”,26”,27”,32”,42”,48”,50”,55”,60” inch TV available.

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