Illuminated Brand Sign 3D Acrylic Letters

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Illuminated Brand Sign 3D Acrylic Letters

The acrylic brand sign is very important for business. It highlights your shop that makes poeple notice your business the first time. The illuminated brand sign can attach to the wall, add to the food kiosk, and use as a shop front. Today, I want to share a nice illuminated brand letters sign with you.

Introduction of illuminated brand sign

This brand sign is mainly for a coffee kiosk in the mall. The illuminated 3D acrylic logo is seen everywhere in the street and shops. Such as fast-food restaurants, juice stores, crepe kiosks, and even beverage shops. You can choose the backlit or front light, they have different effects.

We use acrylic to build this 3D brand sign. The surface is white with a black edge. While the base is transparent acrylic with orange glows. It adds three-dimensionality to the brand logo and looks vivid. You can also use stainless steel to create a 3D brand logo, they can create a high-end effect and have a metallic texture.

Final production show

3D illuminated acrylic sign with lighting on
lighted sign 3D acrylic sign brand logo
3D illuminated acrylic sign install and package

brand logo brand sign

We can see the real effect when the 3D acrylic sign is complete. We will also turn on the light and see how it looks like before installation. Then attach them to the coffee kiosk for the brand image wall. And will test it before delivery. As you need acrylic to attach to the shop front, Workers will be individually wrapped with foam, sponge, and plastic wrap.

Real looks in the coffee shop

Here is a feedback photo from customers. You can see how the brand sign looks like in real life. And see how it helps with the business. The brand sign can be customized according to your needs.

lighted logo


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