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office acrylic signCustom Acrylic signage are widely used in many places. With high-quality clear opaque or frosted Plexiglas you can easy create a unique & eye catching acrylic door signs,Name Plates & Decals.

Unique Custom Acrylic Signs, Clear or Frosted Wall Signs for sale. Whether you need a sign for office door name or business advertising signage. Acrylic signs always the first choice. We have a large variety colors of acrylic sheets available, and Advanced UV printer ,CNC machine to ensure you a high standard signs letters.

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In fact, Two types of custom acrylic signs that used most in our daily life. One is made of a lightweight clear plexiglass together with shatter-resistant polymer. Then UV print your designed logo or text on the surface.  Instead of an Acrylic sign panel, Anther way is CNC cutting acrylic signs for direct wall mounting , Those single sign letters for door names or guide names to help Direct visitors, customers and clients to the right place.

Besides standard flat signage, Acrylic signs can also used to cutout led logo on some wall cabinets, mall kiosks or display stands. Commercial display manufacturer always cutout letter shape on wood or metal then install led light back to light up the cutout logo, when putting a 3D acrylic signs in those cutouts will create a beautiful backlit effects.

Clear Acrylic Plastic Signs & Frosted Plexiglas signage company

LED acrylic signage almost the cheapest way to create a outstanding unique logo. Compare to vinyl or stickers, Acrylic logo can achieve a unique 3D illustration. What more , The cost are much more lower then stainless steel or metal backlit 3D logo. You will have your logo or messages high resolution UV printed onto a plastic acrylic sign to readily match business or company color specifications.

Because Plastic signage & custom acrylics signs  has the rich, deep look of real glass but the weight is much lighter ,stronger and without fragility. So, it’s Perfectly for business Corporate offices, shopping malls, restaurant, lobbies & reception areas. If you need fast delivery , high quality , custom design acrylic signs , Unique can bring you the right service.

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