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Unique Is A Leading Mall Kiosk Manufacturer & Shop Display Fixtures Supplier. We Custom Design & Build Unique Modern Style Mall Used Commercial Display Furniture With Affordable Price Cost. Our Products Are Welcomed By Clients All Over The World. Check Blow Our Projects In Your Nearby City.

Unique Kiosk is a leading mall kiosk manufacturer in China. We custom indoor wooden kiosk for shopping mall & business center.  We have over 5000  square meter factory with 200 skilled workers to guarantee you get a high quality display kiosk. Since 2002 , we began to exporting to kiosk overseas , Until today our mall kiosk has been installed more than 50 countries over the whole planet.  Our main market are USA, Canada, Dubai, Australia,& UK.  You can easy find our work in your nearby shipping center.

From fast food kiosk to the juice bar counter and from jewelry kiosk to shoe RMU retail. Unique almost manufacture kiosk for all types of mall kiosk business. No matter indoor wooden kiosk or outdoor stainless steel kiosk. We all have thousands of finished project to check.  Any requirement on design, any demand for materials, As far as you can imagine, as long as you ask. We will build it for you with refined finish work.

Here blow  are some of our recent mall kiosk design ideas.

Mall Kiosk Manufacturers

As a leading exporting mall kiosk suppliers in CHINA. Our main market are UK, USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. Unique provide high quality mall kiosk design with affordable price retail kiosk for sale. With a lower material cost and labor cost in China. We can offer  maximum extent possible lower price kiosk for our customer all over the world. In Unique , you can get a similar level quality mall kiosk with only 30% of local cost. Even add on shipping fee the final cost  still far more less then your local kiosk manufacturer.

custom mall kiosk manufacturersAnother great opportunity is that Unique provide free mall kiosk design service which saved a lot of new starters. Many mall business starters do not have any experience in opening a shop in mall, sometimes they spend a lot of time and money on getting a simple kiosk design. Unique provides a one-stop solution to all type of display demand. From kiosk design to manufacturing to shipping & even installation. We provide an entire solution to mall retail display. You just need to share your dreamed ideas in mind. We will carry out the rest work for you.

Food kiosk Contractors

Food Kiosk for sale in mall is one of the most popular business threads. Unique has accomplished hundreds of food shop stall for indoor &  outdoor. From shopping mall to airport, train station or public business center. Our food kiosk products have won a good reputation name in high-level malls.

To find a professional food kiosk contractors or manufacturers to build your shop will help you save a lot of time & effort.  Professional works better left to the experts.  Unique is just this expert on food kiosk design & building.

We have a large range of food kiosk product line.  From cupcake kiosk, candy kiosk to waffle cart.  Or mobile food stand with colorful crepe counter.  Unique manufacture a variety of food-related display furniture.  Once you planning to open a food booth in mall. Unique definitely should be your first supplier to visit.

Coffee Kiosk Suppliers

Unique Kiosk is also a Commendable coffee kiosk supplier.  Coffee kiosk has started very early since the business in the market. So there has been a huge amount of coffee kiosk manufacturers all over the world. However, Unique as a leading coffee kiosk supplier in China. has it’s own no beatable advantage.  That is a great price with great quality.

We have worked with several big coffee brands. Such as Starbucks coffee kiosk, Nescafe kiosk, Costa coffee kiosk, Our quality has been proved while the kiosk price is appealing to all the vendors who still in coffee business.

Retail Kiosk Designers

A beautiful lady always needs a great dress for makeup. While a great business thread in mall will need a unique kiosk design.  Unique custom design organic style kiosk for indoor retail . With a shining red light to light up the whole retail showcase, The products can be outstanding and to be seen in any corner.

Our wooden kiosk for retail has many different usages. Jewelry & watch luxury retail are the main props. while clothing or shoe display is widely used. Unique also manufacture display kiosk stands for cell phone repair & accessories. As a retail mall kiosk manufacturer. We can custom any display kiosk to feed your needs.  Even the salon bar kiosk for nail manicure & eyebrow threading bar are easy for us.

Outdoor kiosk builders

By using a high-quality metal frame & ACP panel. We design & manufacturer strong and mobile outdoor kiosk for sale. And become the first outdoor kiosk manufacturer exporting big outdoor kiosk in China.

We have information kiosk & ticket kiosk for outdoor usage. And our outdoor food shop & coffee shop are all unique designed, You can have any size of the kiosk you need. Do not worried about the shipping. We have well designed for knockdown & reassemble structure. Our modular shipping container kiosk with a magic hydraulic system is also popular start for outdoor.

To find a reliable outdoor kiosk for sale builders, Visit unique kiosk will be enough.

Cell Phone Kiosk Wholesaler

Unique is also a cell phone kiosk manufacturer & wholesaler. No matter cell phone experience table or cell phone repair kiosk with accessories display. Unique will custom it for you. As a leading mall kiosk manufacturer in China. We supply the best kiosk design with lowest kiosk price.  Contact us for more information.

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