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Mobile Food stall for sale – Unique Kiosk customize mall used concession cart , mobile food bar in mall .  We  design and  build  unique innovated food stall with plywood and lamination finish.  And outdoor vending cart with stainless steel, fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum. A mall used Food stands are different from food kiosk because they are much more smaller size . Some food stations are towed by another vehicle, while some alternatively are pushed by a human or use motor engine.

Unique Mobile Cart design

A portable food stand is a mobile kitchen that is set up on the street or inside a shopping mall to facilitate the sale of fast food. Food stall is often found in large cities throughout the world, You can find a food cart everywhere, To start a food retail business, Such as candy retail carts in mall. A unique design food concession cart is necessary.

How to find a food crepe cart design? You can search the image on google and find so many different models. However, Unique Kiosk provides free food cart design service.  Here below are simple steps to get one design.

  1. Working with our sales and negotiate what idea in your mind. (the size, model function requirement, and color )
  2. Pay $300-$500 deposit to start a mobile cart design/(This design fee is refunded  when you build the cart in our company)
  3. Provide 3D illustration images and detailed construction drawing.

Food cart manufacturer

All our carts come in two basic styles.  One allows vendors used for outdoor. Hence the material must be a waterproof and easy move. So, this type of food carts normally builds with wheels. Another style is food cart in mall,  indoor food carts are usually installed in a comparatively permanent location, Vendors do not move this cart too much. In order to keep a cart style , Food cart manufacturer like to put a fake big wheels for decoration.

A professional beverage cart manufacturer must have the ability to satisfy different customer demanding . while keeping the quality in the first level. How much a food truck cost? How much a food trailer cost? what’s the price for food carts? How can I get an affordable food bike? No matter what question you have, you will find an answer and solution here.

Want a customized modern food concession booth ? please sent us an inquiry. if you can share our website to your Facebook or network , we will give good  discount .

Food concession display and beverage cart are very popular business threads in mall. Especially for new beginners .  With a mobile food stands , you can easy move your business to a more crowd and traffic places.  We have a great design of carts and food trailers for indoor and outdoor.

Mobile food vending cart features

  • Easy customize with your own brand logo, size, color & material. We can customize food carts for both indoor & outdoor.
  • Direct carts manufacturer offer fast delivery time with good quality.
  • Affordable & competitive mobile carts price offered by the manufacturer.
  • Over 2 years of quality guarantee to ensure you get a comfortable & and safe shopping experience.
  • Easy-moving with good quality strong wheels can use for over 10 years.

Knockdown designed carts can easy shipping & save shipping cost.

que kiosk is a leading mobile food vending carts designer & manufacturer for Portland. We custom build push cart & food stand for indoor & outdoor, If you are starting a new small business and need food stand with carts display, Welcome to visit UNIQUE, check our latest design and cost then make your final decision.  We will always focus on providing high-quality food concession carts & beverage stands for clients all over the world. Here below are Top 6 most popular food carts trends for sale.

Coffee carts

Normally, coffee carts are mobile push carts in a mall or office lobby for fast coffee serving. Some of them are espresso food bike that you can ride to different locations.  Mobile coffee carts are very hot business ideas. to find more coffee carts and coffee bike,

please visit >>>[coffee carts for sale ]

Ice cream Carts

ice cream cart designAn Ice cream cart or gelato cart are always welcomed in any locations, especially in summer and on the beach. running a ice cream or popsicle retail carts are definitely a smart ideas. With a easy moving ice cream bike you can soon get your invest back in a short time. To find more ice cream food carts images and price .

click here >>>[ice cream &gealto carts]

Candy retail carts

Candy carts in mall are a small retail merchandising unit that builds for candy retail. With a unique look and functional display. you can decorate a  candy retail carts with nice candy box and colorful candy sweets.  Sweet candy has a very large consumer value. From a child to an old. from male to female. Not a person can resist a sweet candy temptation. So, start a candy dispense retail carts are very smart business ideas. check more candy carts design and price at

[candy carts design]

Crepe carts

Crepes carts and waffle carts are also popular food concession carts in mall.  Not like a coffee cart or ice cream carts. Crepes carts are usually build for indoor and for a permanent locations . Very similar as sushi carts . We offer large variety of crepe carts design and cost.

Check more >>>[crepes carts concepts ]

Hotdog carts

Hotdog carts is another hot food stands in mall . Most of  hotdog carts are with a motor to drive to different places . So, it’s also called a food truck or food trailers. check more design and options for a hot dog carts.

[hotdog carts for sale]

Juice Carts & smoothie carts.

smoothie carts The last but not least food carts concepts is a beverage concession carts for juice & smoothie. Which is also known as juice carts or mobile juice bar. It’s a nice and unique food stands for fresh fruit juice or bubble tea. it can appear in a mall, hospital, plaza or park.  very hot and easy start business ideas. check more juice carts design and smoothie stand price at

[juice carts design]

Food trucks also one of the food carts display that supported by four wheels. Those food trucks usually have a motor to drive. Some of them are just food trailers need to car to drag from ahead. We have customized many food trucks and food trailers with modern design.  Work with our team to get the best price on it.

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