How much does it cost to open a bubble tea shop ?

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In recent years, the bubble tea industry in the market has set off a hot trend of entrepreneurship. The major bubble tea brand stores are in major cities. There are many popular brands now in this industry. Looking at such a prosperous situation, I can’t stop wondering: how much does it cost to open a bubble tea shop? What is the profit of bubble tea shop? How much money can a bubble tea kiosk make ? Is it easy to start a bubble tea related business ?

With those question , let ‘s go and see the further ideas on the cost of starting a bubble tea shop. First of all, we need to figure out what factor that make the cost varies.

The investment cost of opening a bubble tea shop is affected by many factors. How much it costs to open a milk tea shop? generally speaking, you can open a small shop in a county within $10000-30000 preparation. So, The cost are mainly affected by the following 6 aspects.

Brand franchise cost

Typically, if you want to join a brand, you have to pay the franchise cost. Which occupy the large percentage of the cost. Different brands will produce different brand costs. Investors need to choose the most suitable bubble tea brand according to their own specific situation. So, what’s the difference between the franchise fees of different brands?

In general, for brands with larger fame, the franchise fee ranges from $10000 to $20000, while for micro brands with smaller fame, it is relatively less, basically $5000-$10000 is enough, and even some brands are less than $5000.

No experience is needed to open a Tangji Goethe, one-on-one training is provided in the headquarters, and one person can easily operate with the support of the whole process. And the products are constantly updated, and various promotional advantage activities are launched from time to time to cooperate with various group buying websites and wechat value-added services. Tangji Goethe’s own factory and R & D team, with controllable cost, low price and objective profit guarantee.

Insurance cost

As the deposit is only used to restrict investors and make them comply with the rules and regulations of the brand headquarters, the fee is only a symbolic charge, generally the amount of money collected is $2000, and when the fee contract expires and the investor has no breach of contract, it will be returned in the same amount.

Shop rent and decoration cost

How much does it cost to open a bubble tea shop? Compared with other expenses of opening a shop, the rent and decoration investment are relatively large. Next, let’s look at the rent and decoration expenses needed to open a milk tea shop.

Rent cost: running a bubble tea shop, choosing different location, and the size of the shop will lead to different rent. But generally speaking, milk tea shops do not need a large area, 20 square meters is enough, so the rent for running a milk tea shop is not too high. We take 20 square meters of shops as an example. The annual rent of such shops in the first tier cities is about 50000 yuan, only 20000 yuan in the second tier cities, and even less in the third and fourth tier cities. 10000 yuan is enough.

Decoration: the decoration of bubble tea shop is relatively simple, mainly reflecting the warm and delicate feeling. Typically ,if you are inline shops, you need bar counter and working bench, as long as commercial kitchen. but if you are starting a bubble tea kiosk in shopping center, you will need a full kiosk set.

The store needs to have a serving bar and some leisure table chairs, seating booth etc. So, altogether The decoration cost is about $20000-$40000, but a mall used bubble tea kiosk are just need $8000-$15000,. The cost are quite different which depends on the decoration grade and the area of the milk tea shop.

Inventory and equipment cost

The purchase fee and equipment fee are related to the area of the store. Generally, for a 20 square meter store, the first purchase fee plus equipment fee will cost about 30000 yuan.

Hire Staff cost

To say how much it costs to open a milk tea shop or bubble tea kiosk in shopping mall , the salary we need to hire is also a part of our investment that can not be ignored. We can recruit several salesmen according to the size of the store. As an investor of brand milk tea shop, we can learn milk tea technology, shop opening experience, promotion plan, etc. free of charge in the headquarters. After learning, we can teach the salesmen in person, and also save some shop opening costs.

Business running capital

In order to open a store, we need to prepare some funds for the operation of the store. Generally speaking, it’s OK to open a small milk tea shop and prepare $10000-20000 operating funds. (the above data is for reference only)

What is the simplest and most profitable business nowadays? There is no doubt that it must be a bubble tea shop. It’s hot ,popular ,easy start and profitable. Have a cup of cold milk tea to relieve the heat! It’s very cool. Have a cup of milk tea to warm your stomach! Yummy,Yummy.

There is a market all the year round, how can it make people feel that there is no way? Milk bubble tea, as one of the fashion drinks, is beloved by consumers, and it is also a project that investors wants to pay attention to. Compared with other industries, milk bubble tea has low investment cost, fast income, broad market, and a huge customer base of young people.

How much money can bubble tea shop kiosk make ?

What is the profit of milk tea shop? Generally speaking, the production cost of a cup of milk tea is only 30% of its selling price, which shows how much its profit is. Although a cup of milk tea costs only a few yuan, the business seems insignificant. A small shop with an area of 120 square meters can make 10 million dollars a year. A honey seeking milk tea shop, often dozens of people line up to buy, the salesperson is very busy.

boba tea kiosk image

How much does it cost to open a boba tea shop? According to the above detailed introduction, I believe that you have already understood. Generally speaking, you can open a shop when you are ready to buy $20000-$30000. It’s better to invest in the second and third tier cities. After all, the market is relatively blank and it’s easier to make profits.

If you want to open a bubble tea shop in a first tier city, you must choose the right brand and make it more competitive in the market. Unique Kiosk business opportunities network provides many small investment milk tea bubble tea money making projects for the majority of small and medium-sized investors. For further details, click to contact us.

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