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New familiar Display units in shopping mall business center and other retail stores, Commerical Plaza now are becoming very popular, that is a Modular customized RMU mobile kiosks, we also called it a bespoke retail merchandising units. You can also find an RMU in Airport, Fairs, Expos, Train station, bus station, or Large Hotel Lobbys,  Even in some Festival, Concerts or Sporting events, you will find portable retail units Everywhere for a business venture.

But What are Retail Merchandising Units (RMU’s)?retail merchandising units

When retail business vendors first start a retailing business, whether you are doing inside a shopping mall or outdoor street, you may need a portable cart, mall kiosk or mobile display stands, You may also hear a lot about RMU display.  In fact, A RMUT is actually an acronym for Retail Merchandising Unit.  So, when they talking about an RMU stands, they usually mean display units for a retail merchandising business.

A Retail Merchandising Unit are types of a smaller mall kiosk, it has a full function of a mall kiosk stands, but more flexible. Due to the smaller size, RMU carts have a low overhead cost for design, manufacture, rent, and maintenance. So, It’s best to display ideas suit for the new beginner or people who limited to a budget but want to start a retail business. Usually, RMU will have wheels in the bottom with brake. So it can easily move to a different location and when braked can stands still for retail business.  An RMU display is a kind of freestanding retail stall, it must have the ability to move easily and reconfigured according to the display requirements. Some of them need promotional purpose, while others for products display and retail.

Unique Kiosk design and bespoke retail merchandising units (RMU’s), retail stands, a mobile kiosk for sale. If you need a freestanding display station in the center of malls or trading plazas, We have a large variety of modular RMU for you.

RMU’s have become more and more popular in the last decades, One of the main reasons is that RMU is more flexible than stable kiosks stall.  Retail Merchandising Unit can be placed in any of high traffic locations, Centers or Public places easily and able to reach a large quality of audiences while a typical store cannot achieve. Furthermore, Instead of trying to attracting customers to your in-line store or mall kiosk, you can now bring your kiosk store to the customer with an RMU.  With a bespoke retail stands you can place your RMU display into anywhere your potential customer goes.

RMU or retail merchandising units are ideal display equipment stands for small business ventures, It’s also known as mobile retail merchandiser units which used for indoor or outdoor applications. RMU mall carts offer a highly visible retail vending display for shopping mall, airports, metro stations, lifestyle plazas, and different business venues.  the landlord would like to use every piece of land to make revenue.  So, a smaller location with a small lease is open to sending, and ultra utilizing any existing square footage to increase sale.

With a mobile kiosk RMU mall cart, Customers approaching from all directions, and choose a favorite product more easily, This user-friendly character helps a lot in business management, Clients can have a clear view of the available products or services. Furthermore, business vendors can offer direct contact with clients, this makes sales easy and efficient.  In the past stages, traditional store sales are under the spotlights, kiosk or retail carts is a stand for the lower level brand and cheap items. Nowadays, RMU mall carts and retail kiosks are providing more sales than traditional in-line stores one square foot.  That why mall kiosk carts lease are so popular.

Mobile kiosks retail carts are made to display smaller items likewise jewelry, T-shirts, shoes, beauty products, flowers, sunglasses, brand promotion or other services, etc, In fact, many products can be sold at an RMU cart. Usually, These units will have roll down doors or rolling shutters to keep good safe in the night, adjustable shelves to display more products, as well as storage drawers for inventory. It also equipped with security wheels casters underneath to make movement easier.

Unique Custom design & Manufacture Retail Merchandising Units for Sale. We offer the large quality of indoor RMUs, Outdoor portable kiosks and Retail Mall Carts for sale.  Whether you buy from our ready design or need a custom made a display with your own unique business ideas, we can offer the best deal possible. Over the past 15 years of Custom mall kiosk manufacturing, we have the ability to offer a full one-stop solution for your display requirement. From kiosk design, logo design, graphic design, signage design market research, equipment supply, kiosk manufacturer, pre-install, packing, shipping, logistics, install on site, even after sale and maintenance. We can give you a totally fully step to start a mall retail business.

The RMU’s design is also an important aspect in starting a retail business. Therefore, well-designed RMUs mall carts can create a strong draw for business vendors, Our RMU’s are designed to be eye-catching, user-friendly, multi-function and with a range of high-quality wood shelving, glass shelving. We also supply  LED lighting,  spotlight, 3D Logo, and other accessory options to help make the retail unit stand out.

Unique Kiosk specializes in the bespoke retail merchandising units design and manufacture of RMUs that meet our customer’s business marketing approach. So, if you want to maximize profit in public locations -we have an RMU for you. Contact us for the best price and explore how Unique Kiosk can meet your RMU and Retail Kiosk needs with a high quality finished display equipment.

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