How much does a kiosk cost to rent at the mall ?

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To start a mall kiosk business in mall , you have main two steps to do . One is get a lease from mall and you have to pay rent every month .Another is get a kiosk manufacturer build the kiosk and install it for you . After you have done this two things you can start your mall retail business.

Whatever business are you involved in , A good location lease is very important. So the cost of the rent will be different too. Today i will give you a rough ideas of how much to lease a kiosk in mall.

jewelry retail kiosk
jewelry kiosk kiosk for sale

Basically in the middle of the corridor where face the entrance of the mall gate is the most expensive lease.  usually at least $2000 per month for space . However , in some corner space or lease where against wall . the cost will be around $1400 per month . So the location in mall are the main issues for a mall kiosk rent cost.

From different level of the mall standard. the rent is quite different too . For example . GGP mall , or WestField Mall the10*10ft standard lease will be start from $3000 per month . While some common level mall will be start from $900 per month , in different city & states the price is varies too.

Another reason that affect the mall rent cost is the size . This is easy to understand. The larger size are more expensive. But most of the mall kiosk are in a certain size like 10*10 ft, 10*12 ft, or 12*15 ft etc. You can check what lease size the mall give you and choose the one best suit for you.

food kiosk for sale
food kiosk

In fact . There ‘s no mall rent cost are same except franchise and they varies from season too. Busy season much more expensive then usual times. If you are planing to start a mall kiosk business. the best way is driving to the mall manager office and ask for a lease and the price.

If you get a lease and want to get a mall kiosk design and build. Unique Kiosk will be great cooperator. We customized mall used wooden retail kiosk and outdoor food kiosk for sale. Contact us now for more information.

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  • John Krueger

    I am looking for portable kiosks that would be suitable for selling activewear apparel. Do you have kiosks that are laid out/designed for apparel?

    Thank you,
    John Krueger

  • Andres


    I am looking for a small kiosk for selling cosmetics I am thinking of selling at Christiana Mall DE
    How much it will be
    Thank you

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