How color works in kiosk & store design ?

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As a building (or building) environment and space, can not be separated from the participation of color, shape, material, light and shadow elements. Market space is even more so. Commercial activities are premised on commercial atmosphere, which is created on the basis of material space under the guidance of design ideas.

Among them, color positioning plays an important role in the business environment. Color produces corresponding psychological influence through people’s perception and impression, which influences the space users’views on their space, and at the same time affects people’s activities to a certain extent.

Using the Temperature Sense of Color

Colors are temperature sensitive. Warm color system is easy to produce a sense of relaxation in human psychology, cold color system is easy to produce a sense of contraction. The use of color has a sense of temperature, in the mall kiosk commodity theme characteristics can make full use of this psychological characteristics.

The excitement of using color

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Different colors can make people feel different emotions, or excitement or calm. Usually, warm colors such as red, orange and yellow have high brightness and saturation, and the contrast gives people a strong sense of excitement. On the contrary, blue, green, purple and other cold colors have low brightness and weak contrast, giving a sense of calm, using the color stimulation principle to mobilize the mood of visitors.

Use color to make a contrast

The gorgeous feeling produced by the contrast of colors can be used to fully express the taste characteristics of products. In the strong color contrast, the kiosk is bright and dazzling, which makes the theme of exquisite and noble products more prominent.

Color plays a decisive role in shaping the space, so when design a cell phone kiosk , designers should pay attention to the use of a large number of standard colors in color matching, convey their thematic characteristics, highlight the inherent characteristics of their products, and then achieve the purpose of product promotion.

The color design of commercial environment is not a single and isolated existence, and each color with its own functional characteristics will always influence each other. Therefore, it is necessary to use the means of color contrast and harmony, starting from the whole, to obtain the contrast of color space and harmony of the overall color space and local components of the color virtual and real contrast, so as to make the environment full of romantic visual art effect. Contrast tone is the main factor, which is helpful to the individualization and differentiation of space. But attention should be paid to adjusting the sense of harmony between visual physiology and psychology.

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