Candy store displays are display racks, display showcases, display shelves that used in a candy shop for retail display.  We all know that sweet candy is one of the most popular and consumed food in every corner on the planet. Open a candy retail store is definitely a great business idea. When you planning to start a candy store, You need a very nice and beautiful candy store display fixtures. Well, here you are in the right place. In Unique, we offer huge options of a different candy display rack. Freestanding candy display stands.  Back wall candy display shelves. Even candy containers, display jars with lids, acrylic candy display box. You can get full candy store supplies here.

Most Popular Candy Store Fixtures

candy store wall shelves
candy store wall shelves
candy display
Candy Cane Display Racks
candy racks
Candy display trays
slatwall candy display
Snail Shape Candy Racks
Heart Shape Wall Cabinets
Bear Head Shape Candy Stands
Small Heart Shape Candy Stands
Cloud Shape Candy Shelves
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Candy Store Design & Store Fixtrues

Candy shop furniture of display racks, display shelves, display stands for sale

Candy Display Racks


Retail Candy Display Rack for sale

We offer a large quantity of unique style retail display racks special for candy.  Candy is not similar to other common types of products, you just put a simple convenience display rack to display it. On the contrary, Because the candy is small Grains, Usually we need to put sweet candy inside a plastic or clear acrylic jar, then display the box on different shelves and rack. In this way, the candy display rack must be designed in three aspects.

  1. Candy display racks must be strong enough to hold lots of candy display box.
  2. Display shelves need to design to display as much candy as possible.
  3. Sweet candy display fixtures must be an easy pickup candy box and put back.
  4. Candy Store displays must be eye-catching design.

Unique is a leading Candy Store fixtures manufacturer, We offer a large quantity of beautiful candy store design with unique candy displays for sale. Display fixtures are very important in any of retail store business. Choose the right candy display will help you a lot in business running.

candy store designM&m candy store display.

Are you looking for the display for your candy shop? Here we offer multi-function candy display racks, sweet display box, wall display cabinets with candy dispenser.  You can get any display furniture for you m&m candy store display.

Back wall candy store display.

Back high candy display rack and shelves display are the main parts of display in a candy shop. On one hand, These back wall display cabinets can display most of the products. On the other hand. it can maximumly beautify and glorify the whole store. So, When planing a candy store interior design. Back wall display rack is always the most important parts.

Islands &  Gondola candy store supplies

Besides high display cabinet on around the wall in a candy shop. The rest are all called Islands candy display stands or Gondola display racks. Those display stands are usually placed in the middle of the shop. Hot and popular products are always displayed on those stands.

Most of the islands free-standing display counters are designed with unique features to attract children, while some big lollipop models are hanging above it, this candy model makes the whole candy store colorful and attractive.

Usually, the middle display stall is designed in round or curved shape, This user-friendly design makes the customer easy going around and shop freely. While some of the stores will put gondola style display racks in the middle to display as many products as possible.

How much to build a candy store with display furniture?

back wall candy displayThe cost of building a candy store varies from shop dimension and candy store design.  But in order to give a rough budget for Vendor, Most of the display furniture manufacturer can offer price around $300-800 USD per square meter.

In fact, Different fixtures and different displays price range too much different.  Unique Kiosk will offer the best quality candy store fixtures at an affordable cost. To help vendors save a lot at the beginning of the business.

Candy store furniture Manufacturer

As a leading mall kiosk and store fixtures manufacturer, We offer the best candy displays for the retail shop. From a single candy display jars to large lollipop gestures.  we provide the whole candy store display solution.  No matter candy display rack, candy display shelves or retail cash counter . You can find the ideal Model here.

After manufacturing candy display furniture for over 15 years. We have fully experienced designers and skilled worker to ensure you high quality and professional service. If you planning to open a big candy store or small candy shop, welcome to visit us and let give you the best budget and professional guide.

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