Retail Store is the most profitable business that popular business all over the world. Whether you are opening a clothing shop or start a jewlery store, you will need retail furniture to display your products. The entire interior displays mainly contain wall display shelves, retail display counters, free-standing stands and cash reception desks. A jewelry store may require more glass showcases. A cell phone store needs more table counters, while the clothing shop needs more racking display. Equip your retail store with the best shopfitting and display furniture to improve customer experience and working efficiency.

Unique Kiosk is a professional commercial furniture manufacturer in China. We custom design and build store fixtures, retail stands and shopfitting for various shops. Our design team will create a 3D interior design with all the fixtures for your store. Then we build all the displays of furniture strictly follow the plan. Whether you need wooden wall cabinets, metal showcases or stainless steel shelving. We can customize it for you. Our retail shop furniture are perfect suit for, jewelry store, clothing shop, watch store, shoe store, optical store, cell phone experience store, and pharmacy. Find the best design for your shop here!

Store Fixtures | Shop Furniture For Sale

Retail store fixtures,display shelf, display rack, display cabinet, and display showcase for sale

When you plan to open a retail shop or start a store in the mall, There’s an essential procedure is creating excellent and right store display fixtures. Store fixtures known as shop furniture are display shelves, retail racks, glass display cabinets, cash wrap counters and display tables, wooden stands etc. The appropriate display fixtures can earn you more profit to the maximum use of your shop space and make the shop much beautiful. Furthermore, to improve the customer shopping experience.

Unique Store Fixtures

Unique Kiosk is a leading commercial display manufacturer in China. We start to design, build, and export shop furniture in 2002. We stock various modern design and top quality display shelves and retail counter for sale. Whether you are looking for a glass display case for your jewellery store or need metal display racks for a garment shop, you will find the best solution here. 

Customization Service

Beside the hot-sell display stands, We also have talented designers to provide a customized shop design. You can easily find a favourite display case or glass showcase on our site. Our retail counter and back wall cabinet are also best seller.

Best Price

To start a retail shop business is a significant investment, especially the display fixtures are costly. However, Unique offers a new chance to lower the cost. We aim to supply high-quality display furniture at an affordable price. Our factory based in China, where has lower labour cost and less material cost. This advantage all us to offer our clients a more competitive price with top standards shop fittings. We have thousands of customized store fixtures with an economy price, only half or less compare to get it from local.


Our display fixtures are customized to apply to all type of retail business. From Slatwall display racks to pegboard shelves or display barrels & baskets, the multi-function retail fixtures are just the best solution to display your products and organized your store in the best way. 

Selecting shopfitting is the first step in building a retail store. It begins as early as the design starts. Different products will require different display solutions. Decorate your retail store with the proper display furniture can help you organize the store quickly and increase employee working efficiency.

Clothing Store Fixtures

We have different types of clothing store display fixtures for sale. Those shop types of furniture are suitable for men’s clothing stores, women’s clothing shops, or clothing stores. Whether slat wall cabinet, Shelf Tower, Knock-Down Shelves or stainless steel display racks, you can get your ideal products here. If you want a whole shop design with ceiling and floor, We can all included it.

Pharmacy store fixtures

Unique Kiosk design and manufactures excellent designed retail pharmacy store fixtures. Our functional Gondola shelving and racks and build allow pharmacists to display pharmaceutical products effectively. We provide a whole pharmacy store design with a proper front-end store. The neat floor plan arranges an efficient workflow to create simple navigation And provide the customer easy and friendly shopping experience.

Unique Kiosk also manufactures Rx Bay Units which provide pharmacists efficient retail racks and wall cabinet. Our adjustable shelf display unit is designed to access Rx bottle prescriptions in the rear section. All pharmacy Store Fixtures Rx Bay Units are designed and build durable enough to meet different pharmaceutical storage requirements. If you need a display rack or cabinet to be constructed against a wall or installed, use back-to-back, You can choose our double-sided Rx Bay Unit when you want to along the retail counter with a cashier. Our customized service will help you.

Jewelry display fixtures

As for jewelry display solutions, it is our main products and specialty. Unique is one of China’s most prominent jewelry display furniture suppliers before we started exporting display fixtures worldwide. We have successfully worked with much famous jewelry brand and supply great jewelry display showcase and jewelry counter for them.

Our Jewelry display solution is not limited to store or mall kiosk. We also design and customized display counter with jewelry cabinet for jewelry showroom and exhibition space. We are good at skills for luxury display with rich and high-end design. If you want to the jewelry store and retail jewelry shop build. Unique will be the best place to go.

Optical shop furniture

There are hundreds of Optical store fixtures design with different display showcase and retail counter for sale—our factory is located in Shenzhen, the world-famous optical manufacturing and trading city. We supply store used high-level display showcase and counters for eyewear shop. Suppose you are looking for an experienced expert display furniture supplier to furnish your shop. Unique Kiosk will give you a satisfying answer.

Build your retail store with our most attractive store fixtures, we offer modern design shopfitting, display racks, retails shelving at affordable cost. If you need any customized design for your interior space or need full shop decoration, Cotact Us Today!

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