Where are you located?/Where do you ship to?

We Located in ShenZhen, One of the most advanced cities in China. It’s the neighbor city of Guangzhou, We have two port in Shenzhen, Shekou & Yantian.

Yes, We can ship to any city or district all over the world. But Our main market is the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kindom, Dubai, UAE & European Countries.

Are you a design company or you build the products too ?

We are Direct kiosks, carts & store fixtures manufacturer, we have 9000 square meter factory and over 150 skilled workers. Our factory is divided into the wooden workroom, hardware workroom, painting workroom & installation workroom. All the production procedures are separate from good management.

but we do have a strong and experienced design team too.  In order to help our customers form a professional & practical drawing. Our designer can custom any dreamed ideas into 3D visual rendering & detailed construction plans.

Does your company make modular products or can custom according to my requirements?

We Mainly doing customized products, We design and manufacture kiosks, carts, displays according to the unique customized design ideas. As far as you think, we can build it for you.

A: If you already have design or detail drawing, we can directly give you the best quotes and the factory will build it accordingly.

B: If you do not have a kiosk but have ideas in mind or favorite image or photo from other places, We will design it according to your reference idea. and working together improve the design then build it.

C: If you are new to this and want to start a business. Our experienced designers will help you create a unique and appealing design until you satisfied with it then start manufacture.

What needed to design a kiosk or carts or store from you ?

After you paid the design deposit | go to>>>(How much is the design fee ?) ,we will need the following information to start a design.

Kiosk Design

  1. Kiosk leased size, lease floor, lift dimension.
  2. Shopping mall criteria or landlord guidelines if you have.
  3. Kiosk LOGO or shop name, brand name.
  4. Menu or price list or pieces of advertising picture.
  5. Reference image or design ideas.
  6. Products image or website to learn.

Cart Design

  1. Products image or website
  2. carts size.
  3. cart logo or retail unit name.

Store Design

  1. Shop Name
  2. Shop layout with a detailed dimension.
  3. Products Image
  4. Reference Display fixtures Ideas.
How much is the design fee?

How much to get a kiosk design, how much to get a cart design  & how much to get a store design?

We will charge a design deposit to set up product design, this deposit cost are charging based on a leased size. But all the design fee will refund the cost of products when you place the order in our factory. This means if you build the products in our company the design is for free. If not design fee will not refund.

Retail Cart Or Simple Display Design

  •  200USD/unit

Kiosk design

  • (size under 150 square feet)  300USD/unit
  • (size over 150 square feet)  500USD/unit

Store Design

  • (size under 300 square feet)  600USD/unit
  • (size between 300-800 square feet)  800USD/unit
  • (size over 800-2000 square feet)  1000USD/unit

When size OVER 2000 square feet, pls contact our sales team for discount prices.

Do you have any finished project in my city so i can go and check the quality ?

We have projects in most big cities all over the world.  New York, Huston, Toronto, Paris, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc. Please contact our support team to get the nearby project address.

You can also visit |>>>Project Page to see the real photos of our work.

How much is the kiosk price,cart price & store fixtures cost ?

We mainly doing customized products, so we do not have a fixed price for certain products, but there are mainly two factors that affect the cost–Size & Material. Therefore, here’s range cost

The different sizes will cost different labor to do it and will use different quantities of materials. In order to help our client set up a budget here give a rough idea of the kiosk & cart cost.

Retail Cart | Food Carts

  • $1800-$3500

Mall Kiosk

  • Under 100 Square ft (10*10ft,6*8ft,8*10ft) price range:$3500-$5500
  • Under 150 Square ft (10*15ft,12*12ft,10*12ft,)price range: $5500-$8500
  • Size Over 150 square ft (15*15ft,15*20ft ) price range: $8500-$15500

Outdoor Kiosk  (Width under 2.2 Meter)

  • Size 3*2.2 meter price range:$ 8000-$12000
  • Size 4*2.2 meter price range:$10000-$14000
  • Size 5*2.2 meter price range:$12000-$16000

Width Over 2.2 Meter

  • Size 3*3 meter price range:$ 11000-$15000
  • Size 4*3 meter price range:$ 13000-$18000
  • Size 5*3 meter price range:$ 15000-$20000

(If kiosk width over 2 meters or length over 5.5 meters can not fit into shipping containers, designers will separate into two parts  and prefabricate then join together. will raise the cost  )

In China, Material has different standards. A normal one and high-grade ones cost difference are huge. Typically, High-grade material cost is 20-30% higher than common ones.

How Do u Price prodcuts ?

All of our pricing is based on 4 factors: Material, Size, Labor, and Volume. Ordering a larger quantity of any item, from mall kiosk to full store fixture sets, will allow for a lower cost as we amortize the price of manufacturing across more items.

Question1 : Can I make my logo on the kiosk ? Can i change kiosk color ?

UNIQUE:  sure ,you can custom make all details of kiosk including color / material/logo/dimension ….


Question 2:   can i change the equipment ? Do you provide equipment also?

UNIQUE: yes, if you want ,we can provide all equipment for your kiosk.


Question 3 :  Their is not water outlet at my kiosk site , can u build the completed water system for kiosk ?

UNIQUE:  we can install the completed water system for your kiosk ,pump ,sink,water heater , all of them can match your country’s food grade stand.


Question 1:Do your kiosk can match our country’s standard ?

UNIQUE: yes, we will install the proper socket for your kiosk to match your country standard.


Question 5: My country is far from CHINA , how will you send kiosk to me,is it safety ?

UNIQUE: We always ship kiosk by sea ,package is wood carton with pallet .

Question 6: If the kiosk is damaged when shipping , what should i do ?

UNIQUE: The package is very strong . we have shipped many kiosks to many countries already ,no worry .  We will order SHIPMENT INSURANCE for your goods as gift for u  . If any damage finally, we will be on behalf of you to contact insurance company .

Question 7: Can you send kiosk to my mall or my shop ? I haven’t imported any goods from China , so I don’t know how to import .Can u help me  ?

UNIQUE:  No worry please ,many clients who don’t know it as well imported from our company already, we will help u to handle everything.

Question 8: Its my first kiosk , i don’t know how to communicate with mall , do your guys can help me  ?

UNIQUE: Yes, we can be on behalf of your company to talk to mall ,in several country ,our guys can meet with mall . let’s discuss the details

Question 9 : Is it difficult to assemble the kiosk ? Can u help me to assemble kiosk ?

UNIQUE:  Its easy to assemble the kiosk because we will make a assemble instruction for your kiosk ,for key point, we will explain by video and photo .  If you don’t want to spend time to handle the assemble working ,we would like to help you to do it ,contact me to confirm if we can provide the assemble service to you at your city . 

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