How much is the design fee?


How much to get a kiosk design, how much to get a cart design  & how much to get a store design?

We will charge a design deposit to set up product design, this deposit cost are charging based on a leased size. But all the design fee will refund the cost of products when you place the order in our factory. This means if you build the products in our company the design is for free. If not design fee will not refund.

Retail Cart Or Simple Display Design

  •  200USD/unit

Kiosk design

  • (size under 150 square feet)  300USD/unit
  • (size over 150 square feet)  500USD/unit

Store Design

  • (size under 300 square feet)  600USD/unit
  • (size between 300-800 square feet)  800USD/unit
  • (size over 800-2000 square feet)  1000USD/unit

When size OVER 2000 square feet, pls contact our sales team for discount prices.

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