Mall Kiosks & Carts are the most popular commercial stands in a shopping center. Typically, A mall kiosk is a circled retail stall placed in the middle of malls to display products or offer services. In the beginning, the kiosk lease is just mall want to ultra use the empty space and rent a small space for small business. With the mall retail economy increased fast in those recent years, More and more big brands marched in and Various business was brought into shopping malls.

To start a business in mall, you will need kiosk stands first. Unique custom design and manufacture attractive & functional retail kiosks, food kiosks, beverage juice kiosks, and salon kiosks for sale. You can either start a jewelry retail business or opening a bubble tea drink bar, or set up a salon booth for eyebrow threading and beauty spa. An outstanding kiosk design can not only bring you more customers but also leave a good impression to customers. If you want to start a kiosk business in mall. Check our best mall kiosk category!





The retail mall kiosks are shop-in-shop stalls installed in the centre of the shopping malls. It comes in unique shapes and attractive style, And present for various usages. You can either start food serving, beverage juice, salon spa, or retail business within a pop-up kiosk. The indoor booths can be considered smaller edition shops for small businesses. It’s the perfect retail furniture, especially for new business starters. But small kiosk business can also grow very big if you have good products or open for franchising.mall kiosk for rent

Start Your Mall Kiosk Shop Today!

Start a small business in the mall is becoming more and more popular. Before you start a mall kiosk business, You may have the questions:

  • How much is a kiosk in the mall?
  • How much does the mall kiosk make annually?
  • What’s the kiosk rent cost in the mall?

Well, Here you are in the right place. Unique-Kiosk is a professional mall kiosk manufacturer cultivated in the kiosk filed for more than 20 years. We have talented designers and skilled workers to guarantee top-quality work at an affordable price. The booths are specially designed to be easy knockdown and reassemble again and easy to ship and install. Which also lower the shipping cost.

Kiosk Design & Materials

When you want to apply for a lease in mall, you will have to submit a kiosk design or drawing for approval. The mall office will go over your plan with their guideline. The kiosk design must be attractive to not over height or block the view of other shops.

There are various materials used to build pop-up kiosks. Most retail stalls are manufactured in fire-resistant plywood and MDF structure and covered with stone, glass, acrylic, metal or other decorations. Typically, Different mall has it’s different criteria standards. When you want to start a kiosk cart business, you must strictly follow the mall requirement to apply the design and then get the proper kiosk manufacturer to build it.

Kiosk Price

The cost to customize a kiosk in malls varies in each country, especially in the USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and Europe counties. Although starting a small stall cost less invest than running big shops, it is still big money to most of the starter. Furthermore, the labour cost is very high. So, What’s the price for a bespoke kiosk in the mall?

For most kiosk manufacturer, the kiosk prices are different, ranging from dimensions to materials. for example. A standard retail kiosk cost in 12*12 ft is around $6.000, but it will go up to $ 9000 for large size of 15*12 ft. The material used on the stall can affect booth price too. Different material will cost additional labour time and production cost, so when you want to find a cheaper cost kiosk, select a comparatively smaller size and more affordable material.

Top Profitable Mall Kiosk Ideas

What the best mall kiosk to go to? Generally speaking, all types of retail business can move into a mall. So when you plan to start a pop-up shop business in mall or start a display stands for retailing market. Choose the right business idea & kiosk design is crucial. Here below are some popular business trends that will help you make a decision.


Food kiosk in mall is a brilliant kiosk business ideas, And never out of time. Whenever you enter a mall, the first kiosk you see will be a food stall. A nice mall used food shop is always crowded with customers. You can start a food shop with a standard kiosk or concession cart when limited to the budget. 

  • You can do mall cupcake kiosk, bakery, even crepes and waffle kiosk are very hot business threads.
  • Donuts kiosk and churros kiosk are also popular food kiosk business ideas in the mall. But compare to classic types of food concession. Those food shops need to fry food on-site, requiring some particular standards to deal with smokes and keep it safe.
  • Sushi kiosk is a newly famous food stall that you should also take into consideration. Because of the healthy concept, More and more people are stick to their taste. 
  • Mall Candy kiosk with pick & mix or sweet corn with cups is also a remarkable business idea to try. 
  • There are many other snack food and fast food business worth going to. Such as chocolate, nuts or cakes. 

Coffee & Espresso 

To start a coffee shop in the mall is also a valuable idea. Almost everyone drinks coffee in western counties. Where there’s a demand, there’s a market. If you are a coffee lover, you will know that an excellent coffee in the mall is a real temptation that no one can resist.

You can work with the mall manager to get a cafe lease, or you can get a mobile coffee espresso cart to start your business. No matter which style you are, Starting a coffee bar in the mall is never a wrong investment.

Beverage & Fresh Juice & Bubble Tea station

Start a juice bar in the mall is also a wise idea. Someone has said that” if you want to start a successful mall kiosks business. start from month first.” It can’t be more right. After all. People are living for food. A lovely fresh juice kiosk or bubble tea kiosk will bring you hundreds of customers every day, together with generous profit. The juice bar is considered a top 2 profitable business ideas last year. A small smoothie bar may count a considerable retail kiosk sales value in some malls.

Ice cream & Frozen Yogurt kiosks

Ice cream is a specific product that everyone loves it. So, open an ice cream kiosk or store in mall will be the right idea. Frozen yogurt is a health food that many people who want to keep fit become its fans.

One thing that needs to pay attention to is that: Those two products have a seasonal character. You will not have a good business in winter, but you will get a booming increase in summer. My advice is to combine some other food or snack in winter to keep the sales volume.

Jewellery & watch Retail 

Jewelry & watch are luxury retail that every mall will have. But open a mall jewelry kiosk for diamond or necklace will be a more considerable investment. If you are a business starter, you can begin with some silvery products or gift products. You can visit China or Africa and get a good supplier for those products. Choose the right products is the key to success.

Cell phone repair & Accessories

With the growth of the smartphone economy, A cell phone repair kiosk in the mall with accessories retail is becoming a hot spot. Some of the cell phone fix franchise has even opened 400 Kiosk all over the world. On the other hand, open a cell phone repair kiosk is relatively easy; You do not need too much experience and money to start such a booth while the feedback is profitable.

Electronic mall stall

With a lower threshold, digital retail and electronic retail are good business ideas in the mall. You can do a smartphone. Smartwatch or laptop-tablet retail and even sound or camera related products. Since cell phone photo pixel increasing, The camera gradually lost its market. However, professional products like SLR camera still plays an important rule.

Clothes & Shoe & Bags

If you are a new business starter or limited budget, A clothes retail kiosk or shoe retail kiosk in the mall will be the best option. But those kiosks must choose the correct location in the mall; Those retail kiosks need a large customer volume to increase business. To success in the retail industry, you need to be more innovative and flexible. For example, in a T-shirt kiosk, you can sell handbags or hat together. On the one hand, you can multi your product to increase sales. On the other hand, you can combine the kiosk design with a different unique display.

Eyebrow Threading & Nail Manicure 

Suppose you are interested in the beauty salon or service industry. An eyebrow bar in mall or nail bar will be a good option. Eyebrow threading is very popular now; even some gentlemen choose to get brow lashed.

A mall kiosk for nail manicure is also the very right idea. You can do manicure, pedicure in your pop-up booth with nail polish retails. I can say that all the lady on the earth would like to get her nail designed. One more tip: A massage kiosk salon is also welcomed in every mall.

Cosmetic & Makeup

Cosmetic retail and makeup kiosk in the mall is a good business early since the mall began to come to exist. Women’s economy is similar to the food economy that every lady will contribute to it. Do not worry about your sale if your products are reasonable and the service is excellent.

Barber Shop in Mall & Hairdressing studio

A barber kiosk shop in the mall is always for men hair cutting, from different consumer habit. Many men would not like to go to a big salon to get their hair cut except for some young boys who want different colours and styles. A barber kiosk in mall would solve those people need. With fast, easy service, you will soon build your brand. The hairdressing kiosk in mall is mainly for ladies.

Entertainment booth kiosk

Start an entertainment booth in a shopping mall For kids also workable. You can add some toys display shelf or some readable books in it. Even put a cotton candy cart is a brilliant idea. Children are customers, but parents are people who pay the money. So you need to focus on those points.

For the adult, mall entertainment kiosk is commonly called AR & VR booth, a visual reality experience centre. Those kiosks are popular recently. So it has a significant increase in space left.

mall kiosk for foodSo if you want to ask me the best mall kiosk business ideas in the recent few years? I want to tell you. Except for the new burn products like VR kiosk, E-cigarette kiosk etc. Traditional business still plays a vital role in the mall. Food & beverage retail will be always and forever on stage. Choose the right thread is the key to success. Work more on marketing, then make your final decision.


  • 1, We are a directly Retail kiosk manufacturer—no middle trading company, no extra charge; you get the best price for your kiosk stall.
  • 2, We have 20 years of kiosk exporting experience. We know what is needed in a kiosk. And build a booth that meets each mall criteria.
  • 3, We have a talented design team, and we provide free kiosk design. This will help you save a lot of money on a plan.
  • 4, Our Mall retail kiosks are easy to install. All of our pop-up stalls are design in a certain way to knock down packing, easy to install.

Finally, if you want to know more information about kiosk design or best kiosk business ideas, please send us an email to CONTACT US.

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