Food kiosk in mall is the most popular kiosk business. With the increasing of mall economy, lot’s of various food business moved into shopping centres. You can either supply fast food like pizza, sushi, crepe, waffles, cupcakes, or open a beverage drinking bar for espresso coffee, bubble tea and fresh juice. Food booth comes in different sizes due to various locations in the mall, food carts and portable kiosks has low rent that is perfect for new starters, large food kiosk and food courts are the best options for franchised vendors. No matter what food business you involved in, a nice attractive kiosk is necessary. Build your customized food shop for any mall space at Unique-Kiosk!

UNIQUE custom design and manufacture fast food kiosks for various indoor environments. We offer design-manufacture-shpping-installation one stop soluton for all types of food shop in mall. Whether you need a bubble tea kiosk or looking for a bespoke coffee booth, we have the best stands with the best price for you. If you need any customized concepts to go, Our design team can design a new kiosk according to your requirements and mall criteria, and build it with top quality materials. Check our most popular food kiosk design & ideas.




Food Kiosk For Sale

In mall fast Food kiosk design, customized concessions stands & beverage shop for sale

Are you looking for food booths and concession stands for your business? Well, You are in the right place here. We offer various hot food booths in modern, sleek designs; And supply top quality food shops in mall at an affordable cost for sale. Check our latest kiosk design concept to help you start a mall-used fast food & takeaway food business in mall.

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Best Food Court Manufacturer

outdoor food kiosk Concessions stands are one of our most popular stall concepts for food. Every year, we customized manufacture over 300 sets of food concession stands and export them worldwide. We stock a large variety of food booths in contemporary designs and economical prices. Whether you want to use it in a franchise business or start a single food booth for sale, you will find your favorite concession booth here.

Food Concessions Kiosk In Mall

Food kiosks in mall are portable food shops and stand installed in the middle of shopping malls & public centers for food serving. Most food stalls sell ready-made food, such as bakery stalls for bread, crepe, cupcakes, and popcorn. In comparison, Some of the kiosks accept food cooking on site, such as donuts, waffles, churros, bubble tea kiosks, etc. A fast-food stall business is the easiest way to start a concession booth business for indoor space, and many people choose to open a food shop in mall.

Custom Food Stall Design

When you were opening a fast food stall in the mall, the first step is submitting a unique kiosk design, and After the mall manager approves the stall design, they will give you the lease to settle in. The different mall has specific requirements. Only a professional booth manufacturer will help you save a lot of time, money, and effort. Our experienced design team not only enables you to create the best layout plan, but we also supply CAD drawings and 3D rendering images. And support you to work with the mall manager to get a lease.

Top Quality Materials

The UNIQUE is not only a mall-used food merchants designer But also a trustful kiosk manufacturer. We prefabricate the most profitable food booth for sale, Such as food stands for cupcakes, ice cream, gelato, waffles, sweet corn, etc. We produce the booth strictly following the drawing, which confirmed with clients ahead. No matter how complex the design is, We can carry it out with a high-quality finish and reasonable price no matter how unique the material used. You can check here below some of the features of our product.

  • We use fire-resistant plywood to build Most of the booth stands.
  • Branded lamination or baking paint to finish all visible surfaces.
  • Corian stone, quartz, and #304 stainless steel for the countertops.
  •  A strong metal frame is inserted into the kiosk during production when the kiosk counters will have a heavy machine sitting on top.
  • Commercial counter fridge—sink and water system included in A typical food display counter.
  • Professional wiring, outlets, and electric system that meed local standards.

To build a food shop in a mall, you need a professional food stall manufacturer. We familiar with all the material and procedures, We can guarantee you get the most valuable kiosk. Check here blow food stands design and food hut business ideas.

Top Food Kiosk Ideas

With every different snack or delicious food, You can open a food concession stands in mall, and They are many various fast food topics and threads that you can choose to start a business. I will list Top 5 of the most popular ideas for you.

crepes cart & waffle kiosks

As a traditional bakery stall in mall, you will never need to worried about the customer. Start crepes or waffle booths in mall are kinds of no-fail business. If you are a new starter, a solid wood crepe cart with a display showcase will be enough for you. On the contrary, if you have experience in kiosk filed before, Open a waffle, or fast food kiosk will be a great business idea.

Beverage bar for fresh fruit juice

Fruit juice or bubble tea booth is trendy in shipping malls nowadays, even in an airport or train station. A unique design juice bar is very welcome. Many vendors will choose to open a multi-function juice station. Such as bubble tea counter mixed with fresh fruit, smoothie bar, or other beloved products.

Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt

If you have been known about any fast food business in mall before. You will recognize that open an ice cream store or frozen yogurt store are the most popular and profitable business thread. With a concept of healthy food and different flavors, yogurt is becoming a booming increase in business sales, especially in the summer season. Every store and food kiosk are waiting for a long row of customers. Just need a particular model food concession stands; you can start to make money in malls.

Coffee kiosk & espresso cart

Western countries have the world’s most enormous coffee consume cities. Almost everyone drinks lots of coffee every day as we know the market rules. If there’s a need, there’s economical in such a tremendous intense of consuming requirement. Open a coffee stall or espresso cart in mall or anywhere public; you will have your business.

Candy & Nuts

Candy booths in the mall are a typical food retail store that you can see in every mall. Children like candy and some adults, Whether a candy cart or pick mix candy stall. You need to start to do it, and You will be your boss tomorrow.

Why choose a Unique Kiosk manufacturer?

fast food kiosk design for juiceFood concession stands in mall is a prevalent business idea. So, find the proper kiosk manufacturer is essential. A high-quality food stall will help a lot in business. There are thousands of mall kiosk manufacturers all over the world. Why choose Unique to build the booth? Here blow advantages will give you answers.

  1. Best Price: Unique is a direct concession kiosk & food booth manufacturer, not a trading company. So, We can provide the best quality food stands at a competitive price. And able to control the delivery time and material used.
  2. Experienced Team: After exporting kiosks for 20 years, We gathered skilled work teams, advanced technology, and high-standard equipment. To guarantee you get the best quality food kiosk for sale.
  3. Free Kiosk Design: Retail kiosk design for free. Yes, no extra charge for designing a kiosk, Juice Kiosk. Our talented design team provides unique design exact following mall criteria. We can improve the design until the mall is approved.
  4. Strong custom ability: Build an indoor kiosk and outdoor food shop as well & provide modern food stall design. And custom food display solutions for any need anywhere.

Want to know more information about our food shop in mall? Welcome, give us a call at +86 13510438034 or send us an email.

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