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unique design fresh fruit smoothie bar kiosk with work station for mall

Mall fruit Juice kiosk and beverage bar is a fast food stall or bar counter to sell fresh smoothie tea in Shopping mall or business center.  Drinking & beverage kiosk is becoming one of the most popular mall kiosk business ideas.In order to start a beverage bar business in mall , you need high quality and nice design kiosk .

Mall used fresh fruit tea kiosk is classic beverage kiosk business ideas . And it’s also a hot popular threads. To get your kiosk build you need a professional commercial furniture manufacturer . There several important character & tips for beverage bar in mall .

  • Firstly, you need to have fridge and freezer  under counter to storage fresh fruits , cups of ready juices etc.
  • Secondly, you need  strong working bench  to hold the juice  machine. Not like other food kiosk or retail kiosk ,Juice bar a lot of work is done on counter top, heavy machine is sitting on it. So metal frame is a must in manufacturing the front counter.
  • Thirdly, you need a compartment sink applied in the shop, This is according to city health requirement or mall criteria.

A successful kiosk design need to have the character to attract customer eye contact while keep a good quality in function.  Allow workers do efficient work insides while keep customer user friendly outside.  So , program more on a kiosk design before you confirm and stat produce it.

How To Get a fruit juice kiosk ?

Unique Kiosk is a professional food kiosk and bubble tea kiosk  manufacturer ,we have been manufacturing commercial furniture for more than 20 years, we can provide best kiosk price ; high quality kiosk design & bar counter design.  If you want to start a fresh fruit smoothie kiosk in mall, Unique will be your best place to go .

How Much price a smoothie kiosk in Unique ? Since all the products are customized , We  can not give an exact cost without a specified drawing. However, Most of our mall kiosk & bar furniture price is range from 5000-10000 USD base on different size.  check blow some of our projects first.We have plenty of drinking kiosk images and design can give a good inspiration.

Our Advantages

There so many fresh fruit bar kiosk manufacturer all over the world why choose Unique Build your bar furniture ? Here blow are some reason that you need to know.

1, We can offer Competitive price . We located in china , where has cheaper material cost and labor cost .

2, Free kiosk design . We have talent design team can provide you customized juice kiosk design  and all design are for free.

3, High quality . We have experience workers and engineer can guarantee you high quality finished juice bar.

4,Customized. Whatever types of kiosk ideas in your mind , we can make it read for you.

If you have any further question just sent us an email .

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