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Retail Counters and Display showcase for commercial display and retail business

Are you looking for retail counters,display cases or merchandising cabinets for your shop display ?
Then, you have come to the right place! Unique kiosk is a professional retail counter manufacturer in China. We customized mall used display counters and shop used retail counters. We have a large range of different types of retail display counters for sale, We provide high-quality store used display counters with affordable price and offer hundreds of great cases in a wide variety of styles, shelf. Our Retail counter has customized door configurations, sizes, and finishes to suit any floor plan and decor.

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We base in China where has lower material cost and labor cost ,It’s ideal place to build commercial display counters and retails shelves.That makes our cost down and We have skilled workers and more than 9000 sqm factory allow us to provide high-level finished products. Why still buy used retail display counters when we have a large variety of high-quality cabinets in a number of different designs at affordable prices?

Tempered glass retail display counter for sale

Our retail display counters are available in a number of configurations and constructions. We custom different kinds of retail display counter with different materials and size, One of our most popular retail counter designs are our tempered glass cases that feature merchandise with high visibility (build with tempered glass). These stands and counters are ideal for pointing attention to wares and are especially suited for exhibiting high-value electronics, jewelry, watch, sunglasses, collectibles, handbags, artwork, and cell phone. Check our “full vision” display showcase that features clear panels on all sides to optimize visibility for customers.

Most of our retail display counter is build with glass top, The standard height for glass display counter is 100 cm. Top clear part is 25 cm-30 cm based on different product display. If you have a special requirement for the glass area, We can custom it for you.

Cash register counter and retail checkout counter for sale

We also offer cash wraps and retail checkout counter that are ideal for handling transactions at points of purchase. Our retail checkout counters for sale are designed to make interacting with customers quick and convenient. Checkout counter is very important in a shop or store. Not only for security reason But also because cash counter is the best place to advertise your best-seller products. Our retail checkout counter comes with shelves and drawers to maximize storage for cashiers and other employees. Front part will be used as a display area where you can display small but useful products. Our display counter is Made of high-density plywood, these sturdy checkout stands come in a number of finishes such as black, white, mahogany, and maple. We can also custom the finish with Formica lamination finish, You can choose any types of color suit for your store.

wooden and metal retail store counter for sale

Unique Kiosk also offers a number of store display counters that combine a tempered glass showcase area with wood or metal frame finish. our retail store counters are made from the finest quality materials and help retailers increase impulse sales. This style is ideal for accommodating a cash register while featuring high impact merchandise in a central location, where everyone will see it. These configurations also give cashiers a chance to talk about these items in depth and an extra opportunity to make a sale. Some models have a back area for storage in addition to a front-facing merchandise showcase.

Our counters include fixtures in a number of sizes to fit in any location. Our most popular dimensions are 36,” 48,” and 72″ wide. any customized size is available, Standard size counter price will be lower than a customized one. Retail store counters can be used individually or in combination to make L-Counters, U-Counters, Here are some of our counter features.

  • Retail Counter Height- 36″ or 42″ or Customized
  • Display Counter depths- 24″W or 30″W or customized
  • Standard sales store counters include adjustable shelves with locking drawers
  • Tempered safety glass throughout with LED stripe light around the top
  • Additional shelves and drawer available on special order
  • Built to last/simple and attractive design
  • Countertop and sides finished in
  • Special or custom colors and finish available too

What features make Unique kiosk retail counters excellent for your shop?

Why choose unique build your shop displays. we supply Wide selection of standard and bespoke shop counters with adjustable shelves in a range of color and finishes. Ideal for small shops, retail stores, and exhibitions where storage is required. Take advantage of our shop counter bundles which can be used together to form one unit or apart from each other for coordinated shop furniture.

At Unique Kiosk we have a huge range of retail counters available, flat packed or assembled for your convenience. With a focus on high quality and low prices, we can assist with smaller scale items such as corner units, side, and cash counters, to larger scale items including wrap counters, glass, and aluminum counters.

Our counter range can be used for a number of things, including your point of sale area for your shop, a place to wrap gifts or other items, a lockable counter to secure valuables or a display counter that will not only serve as a point of sale, but also a place to merchandise any add on items such as jewellery and other small items.

Half vision showcase with adjustable glass shelf This retail showcase is designed to display and protect high value and delicate items within a retail or commercial establishment. Retail showcase has 6mm tempered safety glass throughout for added security. The counter of the showcase is 20″ deep and is sturdy enough to feature a tabletop spinner and marketing materials. If you have any customized ideas, Just tell us, we can adapt it into a counter design. for those countertop display side panels are also glass, enabling retailers the ability to arrange additional units in the group directly next to the retail showcase creating a continuous unified continuity depending on your floor plans and needs, Your use our retail counter easy set up a mall used retail kiosk or a line of retail bar counter.

No matter what you need for your shops or store, from a complete refit, updating old counter units, or maybe simply changing the configuration of your shop counters, Unique Kiosk is here for your practical support and guidance for all of your plans, Our experience sales and designers will give you great advice.

At Unique Kiosk we custom a wide variety of Showcases and Counters for all your retail shop and checkout and commercial displaying needs. Ready to assemble Showcases and Counters save you money on shipping but we also offer most of our Showcases and Counters fully assembled for your convenience. Check out our line of popular Lighted Showcases. Shop with confidence because we stand by all our products and offer you wholesale pricing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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