Pharmacy Store Furniture Medicine Display Counter Design

Every retail store has a multifunctional counter, especially pharmacy store furniture. It can use as a bill checking counter, welcome desk, display shelf, storage cabinet, service table, etc. Today, I want to share a new invention pharmacy display counter with you. This counter place in the middle of the store as a divider. So that customers will not enter the workroom.

Description of medicine display counter

This medicine display counter size is 4500*600*1000mm or we can say it is 14.76’L*1.97’W*3.28’H. Is a very long counter size. So we divided it into 3 small counters when design, which is good for both delivery and usage.

reception counter

Front side view

As we can see in the picture, the front side has display shelves. It mainly uses to place conventional medicines, client can buy them when paying bills. We can also prepare some easily taken items, which remind customers to complete the family essential medicine box. It’s a very goods idea of the owner.

Do you see the left counter doesn’t have display shelves? There is a wall shelf closed to it and covers the white area. When installed in the shop, people only see products on the counter shelf. Closed to the right counter is the entrance door.

welcome counter

Backside view

Most of the counters have cabinets and drawers on the backside. The same to the pharmacy store furniture. What difference is that this cabinet has a slat wall inside. According to convenient use and good appearance, we replaced the rods with U-shaped hooks with aluminum channel plates. It can withstand more products and packaging. This can make full use of limited space.

The middle display counter is for checking bills, we install sockets with wires for POS and computer. And each cabinet and drawers have a lock, which protects goods in daytime and night.

More information

Item name: Pharmacy display counter & checkout desk

Color: White

Function: Check bills, display showcase goods, pick up and drop off medicine, etc.

Basic material: Plywood with laminate

Other material: Aluminum groove plate, stainless steel kicking, 8mm tempered glass, hardware, etc.

Produce time: 18-20 workdays

Produce photos show

reception counter bill counter

The customized counter is built according to the confirmed design. So we have to confirm the information first. When everything is shown directly in the construction drawing, we can arrange to produce an order. The owner is always curious about how the kiosks being built and can’t wait to see them. Therefore, we will take pictures, videos to update progress.

front desk

Installation details

It may be a question you have now. The truth is installation is fully completed in our factory. When you receive the goods, just put them in the right location, connect wires to electronic, and use it. Workers will hidden cables for sockets and assembly drawers and cabinets. The furniture shows in the picture are what you will receive finally.

We should clean it and pack it well for delivery.

Package details

We usually use foam to cover furniture. The middle packaging is thick cotton corner protection. The outside is the wood box

How to order pharmacy store furniture?

  1. Choose suitable pharmacy store furniture you need. You can also add ideas to make it more attractive
  2. Tell us your requirements about pharmacy store design, it’s better to send us a floor plan to arrange each part.
  3. Make a 3D design involve all the pharmacy store furniture you need
  4. Confirm the design drawing and check the cost. You can even submit design drawing to the landlord and government for approval
  5. Pay half deposit to confirm the order, then we prepare materials and build the furniture. Balance paid before shipping.
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