Red and White Service Counter Consultant Kiosk in Mall

mall kioskService counter mainly used in the shopping mall, after-sale department and even consultant room. It is a good place to get feedback from clients and even solve their problems. With the rapid development of the tertiary industry, a service counter is necessary. Especially in the tourism, finance, and consulting industries. Today, I want to share a nice consultant kiosk with you.

Red and white service counter design

This service counter kiosk size is 3m by 2m, allow 2-3 person work together. The main color is red with white decoration, looks very attractive. It has a large roof ceiling, back wall support, work counter, storage cabinets, etc. Material includes MDF body, baking paint surface, stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, stone countertop, etc.

service counterService counter

This service counter surrounds the lease line, employees sit down here and provide consultant service. The front of the counter is decorated with red and white stripes, which is very eye-catching and makes your service kiosk stand out. The counter table is in white color, with round corner angels to avoid hurt. Under the counter are lock drawers and cabinets for storage.

Top ceiling

There is a roof ceiling at the top, a square ceiling with a hollow center. Your brand sign can attach here to remind people of your business. Ceiling light can also add here to increase brilliantly.

front tableBrand sign

There are many different materials to build the brand sign. Such as a 3D acrylic logo, wood letters, stainless steel signage, and even hollow-out brand sign. Our designer and structure team will help you choose a suitable brand sign material and gain a unique effect.


We can add a countertop light lamp, flooring light, ceiling light to attract eyes attention. You can even add adjustable lighting to create different colors.

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