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Hospitals and pharmacies are probably the last places we want to contact. It always gives people a cold impression, but with modern people’s attention to health, the number of pharmacies is increasing. Upgrading the store image has become a must. Good pharmacy design and high-end pharmacy furniture are very necessary. Today, let’s share a nice production desk with you.

Description of pharmacy furniture

The pharmacy furniture includes 2 independent counters. They are relatively arranged to make full use of space. One side of is countertop is for the computer, the bottom is a locked cabinet and keyboard drawers. Another side is full of drawers and space for a printer.

medicine shop

Item name: Production desk for a pharmacy store design

Size: 1600*1200*1000mm

Materials: Plywood

Surface material: White laminate, wood grain laminate,

Other materials: stainless steel, etc.

The story to get the production desk

pharmacy furnitureDo you know what is production desk? I first know it when the shop owner asks us to add it to pharmacy furniture. “It will be tables and few fixtures where medicine will get ready.” That’s what he explained to me with an example photo. I view it as a table and medicine fixture.

“There should be space for 2 computers on that table one at each other” He expresses his requirements to me, we make it according to his needs. “Also on the production area desk is possible to have it open to put two printers?” We added it to the design drawing. One day later, he has new ideas, “I will need space for a safe. And I prefer to have one side behind the production desk where people can’t see it”. I communicated with the designer and found a good place for him on the inner side. He likes it very much when sees the final drawing.

Production details:

We can see it looks very goods in production photos. Clients know the production process by updating photos and videos.

pharmacy store   pharmacy store display

Firstly, build the wood body of pharmacy furniture. Excellent workers cut the wood sheet into pieces according to the pharmacy furniture size.

Secondly, complete the surface decoration. When the cabinet body and laminate are painted with universal glue, dry, and then glue the two together. In order to ensure a good bonding effect, it is necessary to press the laminate evenly, and finally remove the excess corners.

Thirdly, installation of the cabinets and sockets. The next step is to install the cabinet door and add locks. Cables and sockets also complete in this step.

Finally, text it and take pictures for confirmation. We should test every part before packing to make sure everything works right. And when you think it’s ok to ship, we will deliver the goods to you.

pharmacy store counter

Questions you may have:

One: How long to get to the production desk?

We recommend leaving at least two or three months to get it. Because choosing a good design takes time.

Design time is 3-5 days. Production time: 25-28 days. Shipping time about 25-38 days, depends on which port to arrive.

Two: How much cost including shipping?

We make this one at a price of $2000usd. Furniture price depends on the material and design. Shipping cost depends on the packing list and final port.

Three: Where to pick up goods?

  1. Shipping by sea to the port. You can pick it up from the port or yard.
  2. Shipping by airplane to the airport. You can pick up the furniture from the airport
  3. Shipping by train. The goods are sent to the train station.
  4. DDU shipping. The goods are delivered to the address.

If you have a shipping agent, you can pick up goods from our factory.

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