Office Table Design Natural Wood Front Desk to the USA

Office table is very important in daily work. Especially in the pharmacy shop and other service business. The office desk in the consulting room can not only deal with works but also reception clients. It needs a working table like other office desks, storage drawers for restore documents, and space for clients to sit down. Here is a nice office table design sharing with you.

Natural wood office table design

office table

We make the office table design for a pharmacy consulting room. It has a simple design but very convenient to use. This reception desk includes two parts, one is for the reception counter, another part is cabinets under the table. The main material is Plywood with natural wood. It has a metal frame base and stainless steel kicking. There is much different wood color surface to choose from, so we can choose the color matches.

  • Size: 1200*500*750mm
  • Color: Solid wood color
  • Function: Office table and service counter
  • Design idea: From customer’s needs
  • Design time: 2 workdays
  • Production time: About 10 days from the start

How to make the office table design?

Design drawing becomes very important for a customized office table. The design pictures show how the office table matches the decoration. We can also change the office table style, color, size to find a good solution. Here are the steps to get the perfect office table design.

consult deskFirstly, think about what kind of office table do you want

This consulting room has two office tables for consulting services and a bookshelf for storing documents is on the back wall. We should also measure the room size this step, therefore, we can arrange office table location well.

Secondly, sort out requirements to the designer

Tell the designer all of our requirements. They will show the details directly in the design photos. If you have any new ideas, they can also add to the design drawing.

Thirdly, make the 3D design according to the discussion

Designers make the whole office room design according to your needs. If you need small changes, we can help you modify them soon, and rendering clear photos need about 7 hours.

Fourthly, confirm the final design and make a construction drawing.

When you like the office room design, we can confirm it as the final design. The next step is to calculate the cost and make a construction drawing. You can also submit the design drawing to the landlord for approval.

Production & package

Production follows the construction drawing, so we can get the perfect reception desk as the picture shows. Workers prepare wood as the first step. Then, make a wood body and metal base. Next is to laminate the desk finish to the ideal color, the last step is top install drawers. Finished photo will send for your confirmation.

Before delivery, we should clean the reception desk and package well for far away delivery. We will use bubble foam and wood box for protection. We can also use same package as you want.

How much does it cost?

The price is 520 usd per set. We calculate the cost according to the product size, material and craft to build. If you have furniture in mind, please tell us basic information to get a quotation.

How long to ship goods to Houston port?

Shipping by sea to the Houston port need 27-31 days after sail. We should leave a week to clearance customs and pick up goods from the destination port.

Shipping by airplane takes 12-15 days after departure. However, airshipping costs more than sea shipping, so we usually shipping goods by boat.

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