Elegant Design Custom Acrylic Museum Display Showcase

Generally speaking, companies that make furniture display cabinets have special categories. For example, make mobile phone display cabinets, food display cabinets, jewelry cabinets, bags and clothes. In addition to the above-mentioned furniture display cabinets.

But we only need to make your request as long as it is related to cabinet furniture.  Can customize it with size and any your requirements.  For example, which retail store exhibits  the necessary square column shape display cabinets for their commodities. Or various display cabinets with weird shapes. We both can design and manufacture it for you.

Display Showcase Introduction

Now people’s aesthetic level is gradually improving. The pursuit of the beauty of things is also more diverse. Therefore, in the production of display cabinets, people’s requirements have also increased. From the original ordinary design, to the change of diversity. Want to show the characteristics of the products sold more perfectly, so as to sell more products.But don’t worry, we will help you think of everything you think. We will fulfill your requirements perfectly.

As shown in the picture on the right, most of the display cabinets are made of soild wood, which is a perfect fusion with baking paint, plus the LED lights. Raise the level of the product to a level.

  • Application: Retail store in mall, salon furniture, shopping center, museum…
  • Price: Accoring to the size and style
  • Surface Treatment: Paint, veneer, coating, chrome plating, polish
  • Installation: Easy for you
  • Light: LED lights, spotlights
  • Design time: 3~5 working days
  • Packing: Suitable for sea shipping
  • Produce time: 15-25 working days after the design approval.

Shipping Details

We always use fast and on time delivery. Within 25 working days after receiving deposit by sea. If you have a shipping agent, please inform us at first, then we will recommend shipping agent for you and make a quotation including transportation fee for your choosing. Or if you have any objection with transportation fee, please inform us, we will remove transportation fee and contact with your shipping agent before delivery time.


Interior Decoration Design

If you are not sure about the decoration style of this store, don’t worry we can help you handle it. And we provide you with one-stop services to solve your problems. Whatever it is a dispaly cabinet or the shape of a chandelier in the last photo. Or these wall cabinets as shown on the left picture. We can do it for you.

Business Step

  • We use 3D model to help you designing the drawings, and let you know the whole effect.
  • Then you maybe send these designs to the mall for a approval.
  • After this, we will make technical drawing.
  • Start production.
  • During this period, we could take some photos for your confirmation.
  • In the end, shippping the products to you after the balance paied.

How To Order These?

Contact us please!

Shenzhen Unique Kiosk Furniture Ltd  is a customize factory that manufactures good & high quality display showcase and mall kiosk, starting from 2006. The company provides the customized products and OEM service. We have our own factory and professional design team. Our company provide free 3D design and best service. All the kiosk we customize for the customers with their own requirements. ( size, logo ). 13682460100

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