White Reception Desk & Phone Store Cashier Counter to the UK

The reception desk plays a big role in retail shops. Especially for mobile phone shops, reception counter also uses as cashier counter, phone repair table. Today, here is a nice reception desk sharing with you. It matches the phone store decoration. Let’s view details together.

White reception desk decoration

The main color of the reception desk is white with black color decoration. We can also add a store logo here, which can deepen the customer’s impression of us and help enhance the brand image.

reception kiosk

Front introduce

The front side has a panel 35cm over the counter table. It can protect the POS machine and separate the customer from the work area. A center area is a good place for brand letters and logo signs. Which can also decoration the reception desk and make it enriching. The bottom has two black lines from side to side, The mix of white and black always makes the reception desk unique.

Back introduce

Behind is a long working counter table for checking bills. Under counter is lock drawers. The cabinet is on the right side, so when people sit down, it’s easy to get inside items. We can also add countertop lighting to increase brightness.

More information

  • Size: 150cm L*50cm W*120cm H
  • Function: Reception, cash register, and mobile phone repair
  • Material: MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, acrylic logo, etc.

How to make the reception desk?

phone shop front counter

Design part

The reception desk usually designs according to the mobile phone furniture. As it has to reflect the brand theme and convenient to use. So discussing and confirm design details is the first step. Then, we have to make the reception desk design accordingly. Whether you want to view U-shaped, L-shaped, or O-shaped counters, we can show them directly on the design. So the owner can make a quick decision. Thirdly, check the reception counter design picture and confirm it as the final design. Finally, make construction drawings for production. Detailed information like size, color, the material included.

Production part

We should arrange to produce the order for the workshop and prepare materials as plan. Our worker first cuts the wood into the size of the reception desk in the cutting room, and then makes the wooden cabinet. This step requires 4-5 days. The second step is to paint. Our painter first polishes the counter smoothly and then sprays the primer. When dried, it is sent to the paint room for baking. The steps of baking paint need to be repeated 5 times to get the target finish effect. It takes 8-10 days. The final step is to add sockets and hidden wires inside the reception desk. We should also install drawers and cabinet doors. It needs about 3 days.

Real photos show in the workshop

welcome desk reception counter

We can see the real looks in the product photos. It can also show the details directly. There are three sockets on the top for convenient use.

Packing and shipping

Packing is a very important part of the shipment. As it mainly uses to protect the goods for shipping.


We use bubble foam to cover the reception counter, outside is a wood box packing. Between the reception desk and outside package has corner protection to avoid the move.


There are 3 shipping methods to deliver one reception. We usually choose sea shipping, as it is very cheap. For those who want to receive it quickly, we help them deliver by airplane. It cost more but arrive at the airport in about 2 weeks. We can also ship goods by train, such as countries like Switzerland, Russia, etc.

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