Red Color Service Counter Kiosk Outdoor Booth Design for Sale

red kiosk booth

With the rapid development of the tertiary industry, tourism consulting services have great potential for development. The tourism service counter mainly provides consulting services and sells scenic tickets. The outdoor service counter makes full use of it’s a good idea to open an outdoor kiosk and start a business.

Red color outdoor counter design

This outdoor kiosk has roof, flooring, service counter, storage cabinets and door. We can also use it as a portable office. Which is a good place to promoting brands and improve people’s goodwill. We can also customize the outdoor kiosk according to special requirements.

red kiosk designLayout information

There is an advertising posters near the entrance door, people can understand your business better and remind you of when they are in need. Two sales window open is convenient to serve more customers and reduce waiting line length. There are reception counter with glass cabinets. Which is convenient to use and make full use of the space. We can also set a sofa here for relax or add a wall shelves to place more documents. A beautiful kiosk along with warm service, I am sure you will have a great business.

Color description

The main color is red and white color. Other colors like pink, blue, green, brown, and gray are also popular colors. You can choose your favorite color to build the outdoor kiosk.

service booth designSize decoration

Standard outdoor kiosk size is 3m by 2m. However, the size is also customize according to location size. So, please measure the location size first, then we can give you a good result.

Material information

This outdoor kiosk material includes metal frame with red aluminum composite panel. MDF counter with baking paint surface. Tempered glass make the showcase  cabinet. The glass door, baking paint can also make the outdoor kiosk looks better.

All the materials is rainproof, fireproof and anti-wind. It is also stable and safety enough to use.


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