What’s the difference between Commercial decoration and home decoration?

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From literal aspect, the commercial decoration background wall is the background wall suitable for the decoration scene of the project. Such as the background wall used in hotels, KTV, hotels, beauty salons, and other business places. The home decoration background wall is mainly applicable to the background wall of home decoration. Such as the TV background wall, sofa background wall, bedside background wall, etc. There is a big difference between the two subjects:

1, Different decorative purposes of the background wall

The commercial decoration background wall serves all kinds of business places. Each background wall has a special mission and purpose. More emphasis on functionality! For example, in KTV box, the soft bag must play a role in sound absorption and sound insulation! In kindergarten, wainscot uses the soft bag, the purpose is to play the role of anti-collision! In the restaurant, a large background wall picture aims to publicize the style and positioning of the restaurant, as well as to let the guests have a good experience, etc. Frankly speaking, the commercial decoration background wall is customized for business!

The home decoration background wall is mainly used for decoration in the family. It is mainly beautiful and atmospheric. It has no purpose. It’s just like it by yourself and family members.

2, The cost control of the background wall is different.

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commercial decoration background wall, involving strict costs, especially large-scale project decoration, all budgets are calculated in advance! So we don’t have to deal with the pressure of professional purchasers to compare prices. Real commercial decoration background wall manufacturers must have the strength to match different materials and patterns at a fixed cost to achieve the goal of customers! This is what those unprofessional small workshops are afraid of!

Home decoration background wall because it is to live in a lifetime home, how to install is their own! Therefore, their decoration budget is relatively loose, which is why 100 background wall manufacturers, 99 do home decoration background wall!

3, Different delivery time

The delivery time of the commercial decoration background wall is in a comparative fast every time. Especially in the face of large-scale engineering decoration. If it is a month’s decoration period, the time left for the background wall is less than a week,

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In addition, many administrators often have to wait until the last minute to determine the size and material of the commercial decoration background wall! This is a great challenge to the elastic production capacity of the commercial decoration background wall manufacturers!

Because the background wall of commercial decoration is all personalized customization, there is no way to make any inventory in advance. What’s more, the materials used for the background wall of commercial decoration will be more and more, and the factory without certain strength cannot cope with it! This is also the reason why there are so few manufacturers of professional commercial decoration background walls in commercial display industry.

Another reason that the home decoration background wall is customized by the owner, the time elasticity is relatively large, and there seem to be no special consequences for it one day earlier and one day later! Unlike the commercial decoration background wall, which affects the construction period, the money earned is not enough to be fined! Without a certain strength of the peer, simply dare not accept the order of commercial decoration background wall!

4, The richness of collocation is different.

Typically, the Commercial decoration background wall has many orders at one time. Especially in the face of large-scale engineering decoration, such as hotel, KTV, large beauty salon decoration, they often need more than one background wall, more than one material! But need dozens, hundreds of background walls, need 20 kinds of material collocation!

I have just received an order for a commercial decoration background wall from a large hotel in Nanjing. And the number of forms alone has reached more than 30. The forms on each page are long and long, and I feel very sad when I see them! Under the fixed cost budget, if it is not a real background wall factory, few people can make it!

The background wall of the home decoration is generally about one hundred square meters. All that needs to be done is the TV background wall, sofa background wall, and bedside background wall. There are no more than three kinds of materials.

Compared with large-scale background wall projects such as hotels, this is too simple! So 99% of the small workshops are only willing to do the home decoration background wall, which is also a matter of no way!

How to choose the right decoration company?

The technology industry has specialized. Relatively speaking, the commercial decoration background wall has more professionalism, for the cost, decoration time, business purpose. And another control is more strict too! So you will see that some decoration companies are relatively large and professional. Therefore, the commercial decoration background wall also needs to be more professional, the nonreal factory is difficult to survive!

The last reason is that home decoration is relatively random. Sometimes, the decoration master on the street can also do the decoration of the home decoration, and some small workshops can also provide decoration materials to do it! When selecting commercial decoration or commercial decoration background wall manufacturers, be sure to polish your eyes.

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