How to start a cell phone shop?

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Are you planning to start a cell phone retail business? Or want to open a cell phone experience center with the latest digital products. Well, This article will help you improve your business and make you from green hands to professionals. So, Let’s get on the track. How to start a cell phone shop business? First, let ‘s figure out several issues.

According to market research, the shop location is very important. It including surrounding residents, geographical environment, house rent, water and electricity, employee salary, etc. And what’s more, Figure out whether the conditions are mature? how much money is needed?And whether there are strong Cell phone manufacture stores around? (if it is too big, it is not recommended to open, but there are several close ones, which are very good, some popular). Always keep in mind that for smart cell phone retail shop location is the key.

Mobile cell phone shop

Here before are 11 steps that help you open a cell phone retail shop.

1, Prepare Funds.

$ 40000-100000, ordinary stores are enough, if you are opening a cell phone kiosk in a shopping mall, the cost will be around $20000. if you are opening a street cell phone store, you will raise up your budget.

2, Location analysis.

When too far away from the city center, you will have less customer traffic, if you are in the right middle of the city center, you will have to compete with large brands or cell phone companies. Therefore. You can choose the middle locations, In the Downtown, the population is small, the consumption level is relatively low, and there is not much market. Same way when you choose a location in the shopping center.

For any shop business, The store location is very important, generally, in the local floating population more places, the location should be selected. If there is a store, it can also be operated online.

3, Choose the right brand or manufacture.

As you know, China is one of the biggest cell phone exporting countries in recent years. They do have many good brands and high-quality products. (good price can make more profits). You can first mainly focuses on domestic phones, with the brand as the deputy. The domestic profits are higher than

Typically, the Brand franchise makes less profit, but we can’t do without it. Some customers want a cheap cellphone, but most of the customers concern more about quality, appearance, and function. If you are sourcing cell phone manufacturers in China. XiaoMi, Oppo, Vivo, are good for Middle-east and Africa Market, While Huawei is good for the US and Europe markets. Of course, you can also contact Apple or Samsung agents in local and open a cell phone store for Apple or Huawei, Samsung.

When the store is opened, Local cell phone retail network agents will come to you to help them sell products.

cell phone store display stands

4, Cooperate with local wireless network supplier.

In China, If you need to cooperate with China Mobile or China Unicom, you can sell cards and help to earn money. You can get a good call fee and anti interest. You don’t need to do the front door decoration by yourself. You can also get some subsidies from China Mobile or China Unicom every year. It’s ok if you don’t cooperate with them. You can also apply for a value point.

You can also register a local network supplier and be one of the agents. So you can get an extra income from it.

5, Cell phone shop design and store features decor

Since the lease signed with the landlord or shopping mall, the next step is decor the shop with beautiful store fixtures and display cabinet. You can get a local contractor to help you accomplish a professional design and tell them the requirements that you need. Almost all the furniture manufacture can provide OEM service. So, they can build the shop exactly following your ideas in mind. But the key point is, you need to have an idea in mind.

Before you start the design, check more shop design and learn from it, Unique Kiosk hand many many models and finished project on cell phone retail shop, cell phone repair kiosk, phone case shop layout. Confirm everything on design than start manufacturing, If you want to change anything when manufacturing are processing, will cost you extra money.

6, Recruit employees and store managers.

Salesmen should be trained by a good shop manager, especially in cell phone retail stores. Which is a 100% reply to salesman’s service? Therefore, they should be professional enough in order to compete with others. Good store managers have management ability and marketing strategy. They are not afraid to spend more money on this. We should have a clear understanding of the mobile phone variety, model, performance and price, etc. If you can hair staff with a good look and skilled sales experience it will be much helpful.

7, Set up Accessory counter.

You can add some cell phone accessory display area in your shop. Whether a wall display cabinet or front retail counter, at least you should have one. With a display cabinet, you can hang display cell phone covers, earphones, audio boxes, batteries. speakers, etc. Those add-ons will help you increase your income a lot.

What’s important is your sales must have a professional knowledge of mobile phone electrical equipment and accessory. you should also be proficient in the knowledge around mobile phones, such as the memory card. In a word, learn as much as possible to handle any potential situation can you provide your customer with a five-star service.

8, Get a free download area.

This Idea is only for the African market, Not many people know how to download to computers. It can be considered to put on the side of accessories so that there is an additional service and more customers can be attracted. Now people as long as it is free to see what it is, the site to find more good pictures and alternative point ring, free to provide to customers.

9, Staff management.

If you want your employees to do things for themselves, you should also treat them sincerely. As a boss, You can’t be mean. The punishment is less than the award. You can’t punish the employees at any time, which will hurt their enthusiasm for doing things. Don’t promise anything to employees easily. If you promise, you must do it. It’s better to make some rewards after the event than to make promises in advance. The ability of employees should also be assessed. If not, they should be replaced in time.

Mobile phone store interior design

10, Warehouse management.

Warehouse management is not as easy as you see from words. First, it is necessary to check whether the outer packaging is intact and whether the packaging has been passive. If there is any abnormal unpacking, it can be rejected if the logistics do not agree. Second, the goods must be inspected one by one before they are received.

How to manage warehouse products?

Check whether the machine is scratched,

  • If there is a lack of accessories.
  • whether it is good to install the battery to test the switch of each machine.
  • confirm there is no start-up, white screen, screen missing line, if possible, it is better to install the card to test.
  • check whether the machine is locked, unlocked, card not recognized, no network and other phenomena.

In Case that there is a problem in the machine inspection on the same day, it can be reported to the supplier in time and sent back or replaced on the same day. If the machine is scratched, it is missing The supplier of spare parts refuses to admit that there are some spare parts every other day, which will cause his invisible losses, such as white screen, screen missing line, no card recognition, no network and so on.

After a few days, he found that he was going to contact the supplier, and the other party would treat it as a 15-day machine change, which would take 10-15 days, so it would become his own inventory and waste capital flow.

11, sales management.

It’s very important to develop and cultivate the ability of sales personnel. It’s important to be able to communicate, not to fool users, not to talk about the unprofessional words. To introduce a mobile phone, you need to communicate with users at the point of users’ view, so that users can feel that you are honest and reliable.

A positive conversation, you can get what style, color, model and price that customers like. such as cellphone brand, model, functions and requirements that customers want to buy. Nowadays, the price is all the same in all different cell phone store, if you can give a good discount or promotion price, you will win more customers. That ‘s typical small profits but quick turnover profit.

First of all, I need to know more about the mobile phone. If the user doesn’t have the model he needs, he can let the customer come tomorrow and let the warehouse go to the supplier for reservation. Don’t promise anything to customers that you can’t achieve.

12, After-sales management

After-sales service is very important, which is related to whether your users will bring their friends to your store to buy enough. Good after-sales service will bring good customers, provided that how your suppliers are. All aspects should be considered.

For example, can small problems be solved for you in 2-3 days? How do users think about small problems after a week or 15 days? Talk about the after-sales problems before taking the goods. If you change the machine in 15 days, promise to replace it in 10-15 days. The maintenance machine must be returned in 3-7 working days.

Users check whether the serial number of the machine is sold by the store first, and then register it. If the machine changes within 15 days, it must check whether the machine has great wear and tear and whether it can meet the conditions for changing the machine within 15 days, etc.

  • Accessories configuration: 3 computers (1 download, 1 cashier, 1 warehouse), 1 fax machine and several telephones.
  • Channel: distribution channel, accessories channel, water cargo channel
  • Staff: 1 store manager, 4 salesmen, 1 warehouse, 1 accountant and cashier. You can download them for a part-time job.
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