Unique Acrylic Brand Sign Wood Wall for Coffee Shop

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Unique Acrylic Brand Sign Wood Wall for Coffee Shop

The acrylic brans sign is very important for a retail shop and company. It is not only for decorating the shop, but also leave a deep impression on clients. With the fast development of society, acrylic signs with brans walls have become very popular. You can choose a wood panel wall, hollow-out wall design to attach to the wall, or use it as a room divider. Here is a nice wood wall with an acrylic sign sharing with you.

Location of a brand sign wall?

This brand sign wall can install in front of the sales window to attracts clients. And also on one side of the coffee counter to separate the workspace from the seating area. We can also place it in the middle room as a room divider, when clients enter the shop, they can view your sign and remember your service.

How does the brans wall look like?

Front view                                                                              Back view

We can see both front and back looks from the design drawing. If you find somewhere not good enough, we can also make small changes in design.

Material: Plywood with veneer, acrylic, etc. You can also choose other materials to make the decorate brand sign wall.

Size: 280cm long, 220cm high and 150cm thick. If you require other sizes, just let us know at the beginning.

Color: Wood color background with red and white signage. It is customized color according to your brand sign.

Produce photos show

brand sign wall logo wall sinage room divider

We first produce the wood bodies and leave center space for the acrylic logo. Then complete the surface treatment and you can see the final effects directly. All the processes will take photos and even video for your confirmation. If you are looking for wall cabinets, brand image wall decoration, and even illuminate signage, just contact us and get good ideas.


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