Golden Frame Individual Soft Film Light Box to the USA


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Golden Frame Individual Soft Film Light Box to the USA

Soft film light boxDo you want a nice lightbox to promote your products? Do you want nice advertising to attract clients? If your answer is “YES”, congratulations, you are in the right place. This soft film lightbox with a golden frame helps you better.

Usage of soft film light box painting

This soft film light box painting is mainly used in a beauty salon shop. You can also set it in the hair salon shop, spa studio, eyebrow threading store, etc. It’s also a good idea to use in mall kiosks. The film light box painting can show new invention products, hot selling products, brand signs, and even company culture.

Introduction of the lightbox

This lightbox painting size can be 400mm*500mm, 1000mm*400mm, or other sizes. If you have size requirements, we can make it the same size you want. It consists of a soft film with promotional content and a metal frame with lights. So you can turn on the lights during working hours and turn off the lights when off work. If your shop uses another decoration theme, then we should choose another color or materials to match it.

Real effects of the lightbox

Here are the real produce photos of the lightbox, you can see how it looks like in real life.

Soft film light box                                                                          Lighted soft film lightbox

Soft film light box   Soft film light box

Before producing the soft film lightbox, you should measure the location size (Width and height) first. And send us the advertising file in pdf format. Then our designer will make a 3D design for your confirmation. Once we finished the work, workers will test it first and take photos to show you the real effect. When you receive the soft film lightbox, just attach it to the wall and connect the wires.


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