China Free Standing Frameless LED Fabric Lightbox



Unique custom build a frameless lightbox with aluminum and fabric printing. Here below is a free-standing model of the led lightbox. With very think edge around 1.2 mm you can fully display the picture in a hi-light background. Nice and clean view from all directions.

  • Display sizes of 24”x36”, 36”x48”, 48”x 60”
  • Silicone edge tension fabric panel
  • Built-in LED lights make your graphic stand out.

Brighten up any room with a colorful custom image or artwork – whether in a retail store, office, showroom, or even your living room. All you need is an outlet to plug in to and your custom graphics – the stylish frame and built-in lights will do the rest. Your backlit fabric light box wall display purchase includes a reflective panel that allows for added light intensity, making your graphics look even brighter and bolder.

The durable fabric graphic is easy to replace any time you’re ready for an update and replacement graphics are available, maximizing your investment. Look no further for an impressive product that is sure to wow your customers or visitors with a beautifully illuminated fabric display.

Frameless LED Lightboxes using Backlit Fabric are different than traditional light boxes, where the graphic is snapped into place with a frame. To achieve the frameless appearance, the edges of the graphic are sewn with a silicone beading that tucks into the perimeter of the lightbox extrusion to display a taut, smooth graphic face. This application is growing in popularity and even seen in retail environments such as H&M. They can be fabricated in virtually any size, the bigger the better. Easy to assemble and change graphics, Frameless Light Boxes offer a solid alternative to snap frame lightboxes, especially in larger sizes.

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