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Best backlit sign & signage for sale

If you want to create a unique modern attractive logo for your shop ,cafe or retail kiosk, Backlit sign is should be the best choice. in the first place, Backlit logo letters can create a dramatic halo lighting effect in any customized shapes & fonts, not to mention the outstanding 3D vision. Further more, Backlit metal sign will last longer then normal acrylic signage. Therefore , Custom backlit logo sign gradually become popular attractive and cost-effective signage.

Custom stainless steel Backlit sign letters

When custom manufacture a stainless steel backlit sign letters or metal backlit logo. We will use a CNC machine cut the logo first. And welding the pieces into a channels letters. Then we insert high-quality, low-voltages LED stripes lights inside the letters to light up. Some of the backlit signs will also have a front surface light up while others are floating off the wall. In order to create a floating effect, we will use a metal spacers to hold up the sign letter off the wall around 5” distance, When lights turns on , all the logo letters will look like floating on it .

During the past 15 years, our experienced experts have perfected the process of manufacture metal letters with C201,C304,C316 stainless steel. And we have build many backlit apple logo, Samsung Logo, as well as some famous brand, Our custom backlit sign are widely used in retail business,trade centers ,shopping mall both for indoor & outdoor. Most of the backlit logo sign

In the past ,when you start building a logo signage for your shop , you need a local signage expert to consult with you on-site to discuss the best ideas , cost and positioning for your logo signages. Now, you can get all this done in front of your desk. We work collaboratively with you to create effective unique & beautiful backlit signage for your business. What’s more all the sign logo will designed & fabricated to suit your budget, brand culture and environment.

Our brightly backlit signs letter manufactured Ideal for shop front & store fascia. Whether in street outdoor stores or shopping mall in-line shops. The modern 3D backlit logo will define your business in the best showy way. Moreover,Unique Kiosk can provide the best price then you get it from Local & rocket fast delivery time. So, urgent order are not a thing here. Just sent us your requirements , you will get the best work knock the door in next days.


Unique stainless steel backlit logo letters are available in a wide variety of options as:

  • Dimensions are customized from 4”to as much as you need.
  • Material options available for C304 stainless steel,Metal in powder-coating, Milk acrylic etc.
  • Thickness of the letters from ½”to 5” based on requirements.
  • Stainless surface finish available for brushed, mirror or baking painted.
  • LED halo effect with long-last lights, transformers sets.
  • All the logos provide a paper mould for easy installation. You just need to temporary put the paper mould in the right position , then stud mounting with threaded pins on straps or clips on backs of letters.
  • Milk white surface effect available.
  • Color acrylic surface available.
  • Fast delivery -Urgent orders available.
  • Usages :both Indoor/Outdoor.

How to Install led backlit signs ?

To install a backlit signs letters, you need to make sure the application surface is clean and flat. stick the mould paper in the right position. Then you can drill the holes for wiring go through. When all this work done properly, the last step is stick the letter on the letter mould by silicon glue or structure glue. As for floating backlit signs you just need to screw & fix on the letters supporting legs. If you want to get a full video of the installation, contact us for free.

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