Attractive Phone Model LED Light Box | Unique Design


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Attractive Phone Model LED Light Box | Unique Design

Are you looking for a unique model LED lightbox for business? Lightbox works along with posters to show company profiles, products information, brand sign, and even promotion. There are many different styles of the LED light box, you can choose one fit your business. And even make a unique LED lightbox to start. Today, I want to share a phone shape lightbox with you.

phone light box

LED lightbox introduction

Size: Custom size

Color: White color with gold frame. We can also change other colors that match your requirements.

Style: Similar to smartphones. It can also make full use of the new design

Material: MDF with baking paint, light lamp, metal, posters, etc.

Design & Production

We design the LED lightbox based on the clients’ descriptions. Designers work together to draw a 3D design so that the owner can view all details directly. They can even know how the lightbox looks like in the phone shops.

Then produce the mobile phone shape LED box step by step. The quality department follows up the entire production steps to ensure that everyone can receive high-quality goods.

Once we finish production, we will take photos to show you the real looks before packing. We will also turn on the light to view the effect. Please make sure that the package is intact and undamaged before receiving the goods.

LED light box  light box

Where to use the LED lightbox?

We can use the LED lightbox in the phone store, phone kiosks in malls, and even outdoor smartphone kiosks. This LED lightbox has metal support so that clients can know you better. We can also make it freestanding lightboxes when installing in from of sales window, it’s a good advertising method. Just let us know what is your ideal LED lightbox, Unique Kiosk will meet your demands.


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