LED Light Box Signage | Office Showroom Brand Letters Sign

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LED Light Box Signage | Office Showroom Brand Letters Sign

LED lightbox signage is good to express our brand to customers. It is good to show brand letters, Logo patterns, and advertising posters based on the backboard. It has a backlit to highlight the brand sign. Today, I want to share a nice lightbox sign with you.

Introduction of the lightbox sign

Size: 120cm wide*120cm tall*15cm deep

Color: Orange color, Pantone 15C as customers requirements

Shape: Square shape fits the location.

MOQ: 1 unit, includes lightbox and brand letters.

Material: Acrylic panel, wood frame, and light lamp.

Produce photos show

We can see the real effect from the product photo, that it the real effect you will receive. No matter what kind of color, size, style you want. Workers will meet your demands. When the brand sign is complete, we will also take photos and even videos for confirmation. Then the brand sign letters will delivery to you immediately.

lightbox sign  light box logo

light box paintingThe lightbox sign can use indoors. Such as office buildings, showrooms, retail shops, etc. If you want to use it outdoor, please tell us in advance. Because outdoor LED lightbox signs need rain-proof and fire-proof materials, they can withstand bad weather.

How to install the lightbox sign?

The lightbox is wrapped in sponge and foam and wrapped in plastic wrap. Double-layer protection is used at the corners to avoid bumps.  Lightbox sign is delivered as a whole, it is easy to install to the wall.

When you receive the lightbox, just attach them to the wall and connect the wires, and can use them directly. Only 2 people can install the lightbox well on the wall.

No matter when you need a light box sign, please contact us. We are glad to help you make it.


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