Customize Stainless Steel Lighting Sign for Mall Kiosk

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Customize Stainless Steel Lighting Sign for Mall Kiosk

Do you like the brilliant stainless steel brand logo for your business? The stainless steel logo has a metallic effect, and customers also use the brand name and logo to connect you and your peers. Here is a nice stainless steel brans sign sharing with you. It is in silver color with white lighting. The color depends on your requirements.

massage kiosk stand

Introduction of stainless steel sign

This stainless steel logo is mainly for beauty salon shops, massage chair stores, service kiosks. It can be customized in size, color, style to meet your demands. Therefore, you can make an attractive and meaningful brand sign as a symbol of your company. It is good to attach to the kiosk body, tall blander stand, ceiling, etc. Our designer can even find a good place to place the brand logo. For mall kiosks, you can even make a brand sign on the double side, so that poeple can see you from different directions.

Production show about stainless steel logo

  • Stainless steel brand sign-on logo stand

brand logo

  • Acrylic sign with the lighting on

stainless steel logo brand sign

  • Brand sign on the service kiosks

lighting sign brand logo

3D stainless steel sign has stainless edge and the surface is in white color, looks good and highlight the shop. You can see how it looks like in reality. And can even see it when installing in the service kiosk.

Workers will assembly the brand sign to the kiosk and test it before pack it. Therefore, you can receive the correct brand sign that works well. If you are looking for a nice brand sign, just contact us and view your own kiosk.


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