Stainless Steel Signage Letters with Walnut Surface Background

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Stainless Steel Signage Letters with Walnut Surface Background

The shopfront signage is important in business activity. Everyone spends time and energy getting a wonderful brand sign. However, how to present it to makes the shop and office look better is also very important. Today, I want to share a nice signage letter here. It is good to use as a shopfront logo and also use as a brand image wall for advertising.

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Signage Letter introduction

Size: The background board size is 1500mm wide and 760mm tall, which matches the wall size. The signage letter size is 1200mm wide and 350mm tall. We set letters in the center to protrude the brand letter and attract people’s attention.

Color: The color is Walnut board with sliver letter, which matches the office counter and looks better.

Style: High-end retro style. This style is very popular recently. If you also like this style, just send us your signage letters. We make it similar to this design

Material: Plywood, Walnut laminate, and stainless steel. Stainless steel has the unique luster of metal and looks very conspicuous.

Usage: It mainly attaches to the back wall. We can set this signage letter behind the reception counter, showroom, exhibition hall, and even shop front.

Produce details

Here are the real photos when the signage letter is complete. We will also inform you how it is built step by step.

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Feedback photos from customer

Our customer likes the signage letters and very much appreciates the work. I am sure that you will get wonderful signage from us too. Excellent designers can also do 3D designs to show their true appearance in your shop. You see how it looks on the design drawing, and what you will receive in the end. If you need attractive brand signage, please contact us immediately.

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