Shopfront Sign Acrylic Illuminated Signage for Candy Store

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Shopfront Sign Acrylic Illuminated Signage for Candy Store

Are you looking for shopfront signage? The shop front sign is attached to the shop front, people first see the brand sign before entering the shop. The logo is usually a symbol of the company and brand, and it is very important to establish the style of store decoration. Every shop or company has its own brand sign, today, I want to share illuminated acrylic signage with you.

shop front sign

Acrylic shopfront signage

This shopfront signage is made for a candy store in Serbia, the main color is red with white letters and symbols. The shop front sign is an oval shape, full of light, looks attractive and vivid. We add the logo to a background panel, which is easy to install. You can even see the final looks through a 3D design. Our professional designer can help you complete this part. Includes inside layout, shop furniture, material effects, lighting, etc.

Size: Logo size is 140cm*80cm*cm and black panel size is 160cm*80cm. We can also make the shop front with another size match your store.

Color: Red, white and black. You can use the same color as your brand signage.

Material: Acrylic, MDF with high glossy baking paint, light lamp. There are many popular brand logos, such as stainless steel logo, acrylic hollow LED light logo, wood logo, and lightbox logo.

Style: Attractive and modern style. It deserves your time, energy, and effort to design a perfect brand logo.

MOQ: 1 set. No matter how many brand signs you need to decorate the shop, you can get them.

Real photos in the workshop

shopfront sign acrylic logo LED light logo

The real produce photos show how the brand logo looks in real life. No matter what kind of brand signage you want, Unique Furniture can give you better solutions.


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