Unique Shopfront Sign Mobile Phone Store Signage

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Unique Shopfront Sign Mobile Phone Store Signage

With the recovery of the economy, it’s a good idea to open a mobile phone kiosk and earn money. A brilliant shop front sign makes your shop stand out and leave a deep impression on the public. The shop front sign is set outside of the shop, it has to bear changeable weather. The front shop sign includes an acrylic logo, fabric logo, lightbox signage, and stainless steel sign. Today, I want to introduce 3D illuminated acrylic shop sign here.

shop front sign design double blade sign

Acrylic shopfront sign letters

Acrylic sign letters look high-end and brilliant. It is very good to show brand and business service. 3D acrylic shop front sign has to illuminate effects, people can find you even at night. The acrylic shopfront sign letters are individual and every letter has light and wires. The acrylic logo comes with corrugated paper to determine the location. Then put the letter in the corresponding position and connect the power supply.

Size: The size depends on the shopfront size and brand logo size. If you don’t know how big the shopfront sign is, please measure the size first and make a 3D design. You can find a matched sizes and see the effects.

Color: Red and white color with white LED light. The color is the same as your brand logo file. If you require another LED light, we can change it to meet your demands.

Produce time: The signage letters and quantity determine the production time. Reference produce time is 12-15 workdays.

Manufacture show

shop front sign  3D acrylic letters  shop front sign for sale

Here are the real shopfront sign letters that customers receive. We will first make sure all the letters are correct, then packing well and deliver them to you.

Feedback photos

We can see the effect of the installation through the photos shared by the customer. I believe you will get the perfect front sign solution in Unique Kiosk.

Shop front sign


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