Custom Shop Signage Letters 3D Luminous Acrylic Sign

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Custom Shop Signage Letters 3D Luminous Acrylic Sign

The acrylic sign looks beautiful and vivid. It creates a high-end and modern feeling for the brands. Everyone wants to have a wonderful effect to show their brand signage, lighted acrylic sign can help you better. Usually, acrylic letters appear as single letters, so we can add a back panel to display them. This makes it easy to use and easy to install.

Brand logo stand

Where is a good place for brand signs?

Decoration makes the retail shop looks better and attracts more clients. Decoration includes the layout of display shelves, brand logo location, and even poster area. We usually put brand signs on the wall behind the reception counter, the back wall facing the entrance door. We can help you make the logo fit your store and draw a 3D design to show the effects. Here are the two brand sign samples for your reference.

sign letterscustom sign

Introduction of the illuminated acrylic logo

Size: Backboard is 1500mm W*24mm L, Logo size is 1300mm W*300mm L. We can also increase or decrease the size according to your shop.

Color: The backboard color is oak wood color, the brand logo is black and red color according to logo file. So please make sure your logo file is the correct color, or just let us know the agreed colors.

Materials: Plywood with oak wood to build the backboard, 3D illuminated acrylic letters, and transformer.

Produce details

Production is divided into 3 steps. The first step is to make the wood board, the second step is to make the acrylic letters. The third step is to fix the sign letters on the board and hide wires. When you receive the logo, just attach them to the wall and can use it directly. It’s very easy.

logo wallBrand logo sign

Feedback photo from customer

The customer likes the light acrylic sign. We can see it looks nice when installing in the pharmacy shop. Please send us your brand logo, I am sure that you will get w wonderful light letter.

lighted signs


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