Street Shop Blade Sign with Lighted Acrylic Letters

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Street Shop Blade Sign with Lighted Acrylic Letters

Blade signs mainly use outside of the shop, mainly used to make people notice your business. We can set a blade sign near the shop or placed it at the intersection to guide clients to find your shop. The glowing blade sign is a great idea to attract attention, especially at night, it makes your shop stand out.

blade sign design double blade sign

Double-sided blade sign

The blade sign is made up of a backboard, acrylic letter or signs, metal support. Wires and light lamps hide in the backboard, which won’t affect the beauty and usefulness. Blade sign is also a good advertising method, which shows your brand culture and shops theme well. No matter what business you plan to start, the blade sign helps a lot. You can use it for food restaurants, clothing stores, beauty salon shops, jewelry shops, coffee bars, and even pharmacy stores.

It is a custom blade sign, the color, size style, material, and effect are according to the owners’ needs. This blade sign has a black backboard, the signed letter is white and the red color depends on the logo file.

Manufacture show

Bellow is the completed photos of the blade sign. The brand logo is usually hung at a position that matches the height of the door, so it is usually larger in size to ensure that people can see clearly.

blade sign

Feedback photo from customer

The owner very satisfies with the blade sign, here are the feedback photos. It highly matches the brand theme and highlights the phone shop decoration.

blade sign for sale

Installation is very easy, you need to use a ladder and an electric screwdriver to fix it. Then connect the wires to the main power supply and you can use it. If you are not good at it, please find an electrician to help you. We can also use a suitable plug, which can be used directly by plugging in the socket


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