Hollow Out Signage with LED Light Box Sign used in Mall

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Hollow Out Signage with LED Light Box Sign used in Mall

Hollow out signage with LED light is very popular in recent business plans. It highlights the shop and makes people remember your business better. Hollow-out signage usually attaches to the mall kiosk, back wall, and counters. We usually add a light lamp behind it for brilliant. Today, I want to share nice hollow-out signage with you.

Hollow out logo LED brand sign

Hollow out signage with light

This hollow-out brand sign is suitable for beauty salon shops, like eyebrow kiosks, barbershops, nail stations. You can also use the hollow-out logos for mobile phone counters, gift stores, and even food shops. From the outside, a part of the logo will protrude, which looks very novel and has a sense of design.

More information show:

Size: The hollow-out brand logo size depends on the dimensions. So, you just measure the brand logo image wall size. The designer will make it fit for the location and even show it in a 3D design.

Shape: The hollow-out signage can make in different shapes, such as round shape, oval style, special shapes like produdcts, or just brand letters. Your brand logo design determines the final shape.

Material: We can use acrylic, stainless steel, metal, and even a lightbox to make the hollow-out signage. Light lamp hide behind the sign, you can choose color light to get a wonderful effect

Produce photos show

hollow out signage  LED sign

We can see the process to build the hollow-out brand logo. Because it is used in the mall kiosk, so we make it directly to the kiosk and ship it to you together. If you need a single hollow-out brand sign, we should build it along with a backboard to support it. When receiving the LED sign, just attach it to the brand image wall. Then connect to the electronic supply, and it can work well.


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