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Recently, outdoor LCD advertising player is more and more widely used. From shopping malls to transportation facilities, to parks and scenic spots, and even government agencies, we can see it. As the function demands of different importing units for outdoor advertising players are constantly upgraded, their use is gradually evolving to more abundant application needs such as public information, service interaction and so on. At the same time, because the introducing units often come from different industries, their demand is different and diversified, which makes the customized and exclusive outdoor LCD advertising player products become the consistent choice of many introducing units.

Many outdoor kiosks will apply an advertising tv or player to display the products & service.

Our country’s outdoor LCD advertisement player customization service leader Unique Kiosk Gathering told me that with the gradual integration of outdoor advertisement player products with new intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, intelligent hardware and so on in recent years, the function of outdoor advertisement player has become more and more powerful, and has been able to meet the needs of users in different industries. Differentiated functional requirements in the form of presentation and interaction.

Taking the outdoor LCD product customization solution of the company as an example, an outdoor LCD display terminal is installed at the entrance of the hall, registration office, triage area, corridor, ward, pharmacy, charge office, waiting room, elevator entrance, etc. The display terminal is controlled by Internet technology, which realizes the unified management of all kinds of information display. In this way, on the one hand, the workload of medical staff can be reduced by broadcasting relevant information such as medicine, registration, and hospitalization, and the work efficiency and service experience can be improved to reduce the contradiction between doctors and patients; on the other hand, the hospital can also use outdoor LCD advertising system and timely release various guidance information to refer to patients’medical treatment. Guidance and effective prevention of disorder.

Not only that, outdoor LCD advertisement solution not only facilitates doctor-patient interaction but also provides map-oriented, entertainment information and other content services, which can effectively simplify the process of seeing a doctor and alleviate patients’anxiety. Obviously, if medical institutions can customize their own outdoor LCD LCD advertising player medical information guidance system according to their actual situation, they can easily create a comfortable medical environment, simple medical treatment process and perfect information service, so that the service experience and service efficiency of relevant units can go up to a higher level!

In fact, not only medical units but also other industry has applied it. According to UNIQUE KISOK, since the establishment of the company to undertake numerous outdoor advertising player system construction projects, most of which are personalized outdoor LCD display product customization solutions. Including Beijing Financial Street, Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, Shanghai World Expo, Middle East Dubai Commercial Square and other cooperative units of digital display system, and by virtue of mature and stable service quality and reasonable input costs, the cooperative units have been unanimously recognized.

The author understands that, as the standard maker of outdoor display in China, the company has developed a professional and standardized customized service system relying on its rich experience in outdoor business and R&D innovation advantages over the years. Its customization team can fully tap the actual needs of customers, tailor-made mature, stable, cost-effective outdoor display solutions for customers. And in a short time, complete the research and development and production of stable and reliable services and products, and help customers quickly complete the installation of outdoor LCD advertising player, so as to help cooperative units timely grasp the opportunity for successful investment.

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