Retail Shop Advertising TV Player Stand for Sale


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Retail Shop Advertising TV Player Stand for Sale

The advertising stand is vital in business, people first know our brands, products, and promotion from advertising. Video advertising is better than posters. Because it can not only deliver pictures and texts to customers but also sounds and animations, which can easily resonate with customers and increase the effect of publicity.

Advertising stand

Advertising TV stands

The advertising content can be customized. Advertising TV stands is good to set in the phone store, jewelry shop, fast food shop, and even mall kiosks. We can also use insert TV stands, external advertising players, etc. This TV stand I share today is a freestanding stand with an insert TV player in front of the sales window.

Size: 750mm wide, 300 deep,mm and 1800mm tall. Allow to add a 50 inches TV player and the base tall is 650mm.

Color: White color matches the shop decoration. We can also change the color to your favorite color.

Material: MDF with baking paint finish. Inside has wires and sockets to use.

MOQ: 1 unit.

Produce time: 10-15 workdays.

Usage: The advertising stand works with TV stands. When you set the content you want to play, you can use it, and the TV player will play the specified content in a loop. If you are the first time use a TV player, please contact us for help.

Real photos show

Workers produce the advertising stand based on the confirmed design. You can see the real looks from the complete photos. Behind the stand has sockets for plugs. A door with a lock on the back can prevent consumers from touching

TV player stand TV stand advertising stand

When the goods are complete, we will first text the video player and stands. Then send photos for confirmation. When the owner says ok, we can move to the next step and packing the TV stands.


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