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Street Vending Kiosk which is also know as outdoor retail kiosk  is a portable shop that used specially for outdoor business. What we usually seen  the stations in street corner are those vending kiosks. With a water proofed outdoor retail kiosk , you can easy start many different business outside and get more customer viewing opportunities .

outdoor retail kiosk designWhat business you can do in a street vending kiosk?

In fact, many businesses can move outside and run in a street vending kiosk. They kiosks shop has a limitation of size, So, kiosk design must be more delicate to use every piece of space. Most of the retail kiosk will require a lot of display area. And you also need to leave space for workers & customers, too narrow is so good for customer experience.

As back to which kind of business can do in an outdoor retail booth, I highly recommend those four business trends,

  • Book, magazine, newspaper kiosk,  there are lots of potential customer for this. Everyone may be stopped by a book or magazine, if you can adopt a small freezer showcase to sell water will be a smart idea.
  • Cell phone repair or accessories kiosk. If you want to check indoor mall cell phone kiosk please visit >>>( phone kiosk for indoor ). Cell phone repair is a very hot & profitable business idea. if you can’t not able to get a lease in mall, start an outdoor kiosk also a good option.
  • Shoes, T-shirts, Sunglasses or clothing retail kiosk.  in Some big business plaza or open shopping center, an outdoor kiosk for those accessories are very good business.
  • Opening a hair salon, nail bar salon or brow bar salon for fast hair cutting or nail manicure business.

How much for an outdoor retail kiosk?

An outdoor kiosk price cost varies from different size. If larger size, of course, you will need more material and labor cost to build it.  So, like a standard outdoor retail kiosk in size, 5*3 meter will need a price at $15000. and kiosk size at 5*2.2 will need $12500. Why just 800 mm narrow the price is so different. It’s because of shipping.  3 meters wide kiosk can not able to fit into a container. So kiosk width over 2.2 meters will be split into two part or more to fit into a shipping container.  That makes the cost of the kiosk increase a lot.

In fact , we do have many outdoor retail kiosk are build with sea shipping containers. if you want to check those designs & price cost . you can visit >>>(shipping container shop)

Unique Kiosk is a professional kiosk manufacturer & supplier for outdoor business display solution. We custom design kiosk with required dimensions and colors. If you want to a unique design outdoor retail kiosk with affordable cost. Welcome to visit unique.

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