Outdoor Food Kiosk Fresh Juice Street Booth for Sale

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Are you looking for an outdoor food kiosk in the street? A fresh juice kiosk is a good business idea because it can use to sell all kinds of food and drinks. Here is a nice fresh juice kiosk sharing with you. Let’s view more details directly.

Outdoor fresh kiosk design

This outdoor fresh kiosk size is 3m by 3m. It has a roof, floor, display counter, wall shelving, and cabinets. This outdoor food kiosk is mainly in wood color, which makes poeple feel that they can buy fresh drinks at your store. Outdoor kiosks use durable materials to build so that they can bear changeable weather and temperature. We have to consider safety because it has to lock at night.

juice kiosk

Introduction of outdoor kisok

Sales window counter

We can see the front area, it has a glass display showcase to place food. The cashier counter with the menu board is set here to remind people of the business. Clients can also order food here.

Working counter

The working counter set at the backside, wall shelving, and cabinet attach to the wall. We can also place food raw materials for convenient use. Under the counter has space to place equipment.

outdoor boothDining table

Two sides also have picked-up windows, two-panel over the counter as a dining table. You can place bar chairs here for clients to sit down and enjoy their meals.

Brand signage

Brand signage placed at the top ceiling, it is in green and black color. Lightbox painting set on the counter body attracts people to buy a cup of drinks and increases business.

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