White Outdoor Kiosk with Glass Showcase Counter for Sale

street kiosk

The outdoor kiosk is very good to show items and promoting products and brands. Recently, we can see the outdoor booths in the street and can also buy items everywhere we go. It’s a good idea to start your business by open an outdoor kiosk. Outdoor kiosks can not only use to sell food and drinks but also fit all kinds of businesses. Such as cell phones, jewelry, gifts, kid’s toys, and even flowers. Of course, they have unique layouts, shapes, and display counters. These are customized according to different products and customer requirements

Useful outdoor kiosk design

This outdoor kiosk is mainly in white color with transparent tempered glass counters. Size is 3m by 2m, fit for standard locations. As for a customize outdoor kiosk, you can choose any color that fits your business.

outdoor glass kioskGlass showcase counter

There are glass counters on two sides, mainly used to present goods to clients. It has glass doors open from the inside so that clients’ can’t reach the items without permission.

Roof & flooring

Roof and flooring are very important for outdoor kiosks. It looks like a small house, which prevents the salesperson and products from changeable weather. You can choose a unique roof or a simple roof depends on the budget. Floor materials are wood, vinyl, and ceramic tiles, depending on special needs.

outdoor kioskVolume gate door

Volume gates door use close the kiosk after getting off work. We will need to install rails on both sides of the kiosk, and also need to reserve space for the reel at the top. However, you can also choose a folding door to close the outdoor kiosk. It is easy to use and save space and becoming popular recently.

Lighting and cables

All the glass showcases have a light strip at the top of the counter. We can also use ceiling lights to highlight the outdoor kiosks.

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