Mobile phone accessories and phone case business have a big market in the world. Many people earn profit by open a retail cell phone accessories kiosk. With the gradual recovery of the economy, it’s a great time to open a cell phone accessories kiosk. Here is a beautiful cell phone case kiosk sharing with you. It is used outdoors as it like a small house. Let’s view more details together.

Description of the cell phone accessories kiosk

mobile phone kioskSize: 12ft*10ft

Color: Red and sliver

Function: Display phone cases, seel phone accessories, and do phone repair services.

Material: Plywood, aluminum composite panel, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic, slat wall plate, acrylic, etc.

Advantages: Fireproof, rainproof, anti-wind, protect sunshine, and safe to use.

Content: Display counter, ceiling decoration, floor, sales window, cashier counter, door with lock, lighting decoration, and circuit socket.

Layout introduction:

We see that the staircase-shaped display cabinet surrounds the outdoor kiosk, so customers can see the displayed mobile phone cases from different angles. Since the owner requires placing as much as phone cases, we add acrylic bezels on each staircase to prevent the phone case from falling. Besides, we can even make full use of the corner area to increase display showcase placement.

Behind the display, the counter is a slat wall cabinet. We can hang phone accessories and phone cases here. It views as a multi-function counter. In fact, it’s a very popular design idea for cell phone kiosks.

phone cover kiosk

Cashier counter design:

The cashier counter is set behind the middle column, so people can’t see it from outside. Which is a good use of space.  The repair counter is set near the entrance door, it has small size allow one people to work.

Logo introduction:

We usually attach an acrylic logo, stainless steel logo, hollow luminous logo, and Neon logo to the kiosk. This cell phone accessories kiosk uses a 3D light logo on the top ceiling and an acrylic logo on the column.

Light decoration:

The kiosk has 4 ceiling lights for bright. And the floor light makes the outdoor cell phone kiosk looks good and attractive. We also add an aluminum groove plate inside the room on the column, as customers want as much as the display area.

retail boothHow to make a cell phone cover kiosk?

The owner tells me that he wants to open a phone kiosk in the shopping center. He shares a design and tells us that he needs a similar kiosk but different color. Without any hesitation, we help him to make a new 3D design and send him for approval.

When he sees the first drawing, he wants some changes. To help him better, we modify the design drawing seriously. And resent him for approval. Then we calculate the cost according to the final drawing and the owner submit the drawing to the manager and sign contract.


How to produce a cell phone cover kiosk?

Outdoor kiosk frame part

Like most of outdoor kiosks, we build the metal frame as the first step. Then cover the metal frame with a wood panel. The second step is to make surface treatment to make it suits for outside usage. The last step is make flooring and light decoration. So we can see the outside looks exactly.

Inside display counter part

We should first make wood of total display counter. Then attach aluminon composite panel to the surface. Second step is to assembly light lamp, wires, outlets and lock doors. So you can see how the goods looks like. The last step is install the counters to the outdoor kiosk. Finally, adding roll up doors and brand logo.

The production time need at least 35 working days. So please leave enough time to get it.

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