Outdoor kiosk is very popular and useful  in our life. We can sell many things in outdoor kiosks. Some people will choose to sell food, some will choose to sell clothes, and some will sell glasses or jewelry. What I want to introduce to you today is that you can sell mobile phones or phone accessories in outdoor kiosks.

We all know that there are many phone store appearing and make the entire industry very competitive. That time you need to make your shop more unique. If you want to get the outdoor kiosk, we need to make the outdoor kiosk more eye-catching.


Outdoor Kiosk

The appearance of this mobile phone outdoor kiosk is in the shape of a cup. This shape is very unique and can attract the attention of customers. The main material of a mobile phone outdoor kiosk is iron and spray paint.

There is a luminous acrylic logo on the outside. If your budget is sufficient, we suggest using a stainless steel metal logo is better. Because the stainless steel luminous logo is more attractive.

Layout for the Outdoor Kiosk

The outside of the repair station is a layer of tempered glass, so that customers can easily see the internal layout. In addition to a curved repair table, there are cabinets to store repair tools and accessories.

There are light boxes or led TV on the inner wall of the outdoor kiosk to show our customers our work, and to further decorate our outdoor kiosk.

You can see there are some shelves can display phone accessories and the customer can choose by themselves.

Details for the outdoor kiosk

  • Size, 2m
  • Basic material: iron and baking paint
  • Interior furniture material: MDF and the baking paint
  • Others: light strip, acrylic logo, stainless steel, lock


Before production, we need to determine the construction drawings and renderings. After confirm these, we can produce. Once in production, it cannot be changed during the production process. Because if it is changed, a lot of expenses will be generated.

First, we make the frame of the outdoor kiosk according to the construction drawings. The material of the frame is iron.

The second part is to remove the rust and make the surface smoother.

The third step is to do surface treatment. The surface treatment use 4 layers of primer and surface spray paint.

Finally, install the internal display rack, logos, doors, windows, and cabinets.

The service unique display provide

For the unique design

We have a professional design team, and can design the new 3d with your needs. The 3d design will display all of your needs, and you will the whole effect with different angles of the kiosk. If you have any modification, we will assist you modify it to hep you get the approval from the mall. We have done more than 15 years experience in the industry, and obtain the professional skills to build the outdoor kiosk.

For Package

We use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the kiosk. And fixed the EPE foam with film.

How to order it?

  1. Need to do the 3d design with your needs firstly. (3d design will cost 300USD, it will be returned to your deposit when you confirm the order)
  2. Arrange the 50% production deposit before produce
  3. Please check and confirm the 3d design and drawings clearly before production
  4. We will do the quality test
  5. Take the photos and videos to you when the the kiosk finished
  6. Arrange the balance payment
  7. Packed and shipping


Noted: For the bank, we can support Paypal (just for the design fee), TT, West Union

Welcome to consult and we have professional sales help you.

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