Outdoor Food Kiosk Modern Ice Cream Booth in the Street

outdoor kiosk

Outdoor food kiosks become popular everywhere in the street, in the park, and even on a sea beach. It has a luxury design and looks elegant, and it can use to sell ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothie, and fresh juice. Here is a nice juice outdoor kiosk sharing with you.

Information of food kiosk

The outdoor kiosk is fireproof, rainproof, and anti-wind that durable to use. We can see in the 3D design, the outdoor kiosk has a roof, flooring, sales window, closed-door, and display showcase, etc. We can also reserve a place to set equipment.

street food booth

Layout information

As we can see in the front, it has a large orange model frame decoration, looks vividly and attractive. There is brand signage set at the shop door, that reminds people of your business. On the counter body has a lightbox painting that shows delicious and fresh fruit. Glass showcases and cashier counter are set here for checking bills.

The back counter for set bubble tea machines, blenders for usage. Under the counter, table are locked cabinets for storage. We also add a water sink here for washing hands and fruit.

street kioskRoof decoration

It has a large green roof, highly matches the shop theme, and makes people feel that they can buy fresh juice here. Besides, we can add ceiling lighting to increase the brightness.

The outdoor kiosk has lock doors that can lock well at night. The lightbox painting also hangs outdoors, so that people can view you from different directions. No matter when you need kiosks, just contact us. We can custom outdoor ice cream kiosk for you. The designer will also draw 3D designs to show details.

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