When you want to start a outdoor retail business, a unique design kiosk are so important . With a attractive modern look kiosk , you can easy leave customer a deep impression and make customer remember you shop.  For many different business threads, a relative style design also necessary. Today i m going to share you a very unique and modern look outdoor street kiosk used for all kinds of retail business.

cell phone kiosk for outdoor outdoor kiosk for retail street outdoor kiosk design

We can build kiosk size according to customer requirement . May be you will have a question : How do i going to ship this big monster ?  Do not worry about that , Our designer will split the kiosk into a very accurate size and make it perfectly fit into a shipping container. What’s more, Install the kiosk is also very simple and easy, Just need to put different part together and bolted from inside to secure the kiosk.

Unique Kiosk is a leading outdoor kiosk manufacturer in China. We have build many kiosk shipped to USA, AUSTRALIA , UK and EUROPE. If you are looking for a unique kiosk design with affordable cost , UNIQUE definitely will be you best place to go .

Unique is a outstanding kiosk supplier based in China. Where has less labor cost and raw material cost. With advanced equipment and high level manage system.We have carried out so many successful project for our clients all over the world. We are skill at material for metal ,plywood and fiber glass. (which is called FRP).  We can satisfy any requirement for display solution.

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