fiberglass sweet corn kiosk for outdoor using

hello friends, are you looking for sweet corn kiosk? you want to sell sweet corn indoor or outdoor?

today I want to share a style outdoor using sweet corn kiosk, of course, if you prepare to open a store indoor but want low cost, it also is suitable, pls follow below more details.

fiberglass sweet corn kiosk

size: diameter 1m, height 2.2m

material: fiberglass, the bottom has wheels to move

sockets and voltages: custom different countries standard

this sweet corn kiosk is very convenient to use, include 2 steamers, the front has glass to cover steamers, the top has 2 spotlights, when night, it also is very bright. also has a small drawer and cabinets for storages. as you saw, this sweet corn kiosk it is both beautiful and practical, most important, cost also is cheaper, for this small sweet corn kiosk, suggest you can direct buy many quantities, different place to sell sweet corn kiosk, our many customers all direct buy more 10pcs, try put different place. because it really is a very low cost.


if you are planning open sweet corn kiosk, this kind fiberglass sweet corn kiosk will is a good choice, welcome contact us freely.



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