Unique outdoor phone kiosk ship to Felixstowe share with you

Good morning, friends! Nice to meet you here. Are you looking for an outdoor phone kiosk for selling phone case, phone accessories? Today, I want to chare a unique outdoor kiosk design for your reference.

3D designs

outdoor phone kiosk

outdoor phone kiosk

Description about the outdoor phone kiosk

The whole kiosk with a lot of glass display area. Customers should see and purchase the phones they want. Inside the cabinet is aluminum splot plate, it can hang on phone cases and phone accessories here, which enlarge the display area. Since there is a lot of cabinets, it allows you to place products of different sizes, different colors, and different categories separately. This will also make your mobile phone store more tidy and easy for customers to purchase their favorite products.

Now, let’s see the inner design together. On the front side, we can see 2 long display cabinets and a cash register. The two sides also has display cabinets, which can better display your products. On the back side is a large wall with aluminum splot plate. Besides, you can put ad. on the top, so people can see the hot selling products and new products for sale in your store. The back wall face to public is for large light box. Do you like this style?


  1. Basic material: MDF
  2. Finishing: White composite panel, blue composite panel, tempered glass
  3. Other material: Aluminum splot plate
  4. Other material: Acrylic logo, led light strip, led spotlight, etc.

Process details

How to make such a unique design?

If you want a special kiosk, you should first know what you need for your own kiosk. Because every kiosk from our factory is unique and based on customers requirements. So you should at first let us know the size, color, style and layout, our designer should draw a new 3D design for you with your own brand logo. The new design takes 2-4 working days.

The next step you should do is check out the design carefully. Because the production process is follow the design details. We need to confirm that it’s the design you want.

When you need a customized koisk, please let us know. We are online and ready to give you some suggestions. Thank you

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